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Video: Marcus Derrickson and Kaleb Johnson Doin' Work

The Hoyas throttled the Italy Dream Team Select squad today by a score of 95-36.  The Hoyas were led by freshmen Marcus Derrickson and Kaleb Johnson, who reportedly had 19 and 18 points, respectively.  Though the school has done a great job preventing Hoyas fans from seeing the action on the floor via minimal Periscope footage that is grainy at best, below are two clips from inside the gym of Derrickson and Johnson in majestic clarity courtesy of Casual Spies in Italy.

It's not much to go on and of course the competition appeared to be as fierce as a plate of spaghetti, but as you can see the two freshmen look ready to play, with Derrickson featuring a nice shooting form for a forward and Johnson with solid slashing ability.