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Nationals Park Commemorates Bruce Springsteen Show, Gets Date Wrong on Sign

The last Bruce Springsteen concert in Washington, DC was at Nationals Park, and the powers that be behind Nationals Park smartly decided to commemorate the epic event with a giant sign.  The sign, which is located behind the home plate entrance to the stadium, shows a picture of Bruce and proudly declares "In Concert at Nationals Park, Washington DC, September 14, 2013. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band."

Now, that's a nice sign and all, but here's the problem: The show was on September 14th, 2012.

Bruce fans who were at that show will likely agree that the show seems like it was just yesterday as the memories from the riveting 30 song setlist are still vibrant, so I suppose getting the year wrong is somewhat understandable.

Except it really isn't.

bruce encore

Bruce and the Band rock the encores at Nats Park on September 14, 2012.

Hopefully someone gets wind of this and makes the change, and if he or she wants to send the above sign with the incorrect date on it to me, I'll gladly hang it on my wall which contains the below.

bruce tix

Special thanks to fellow Bruce fan Bill McQuillen for catching the error in the sign.  He is a true American hero.

Here's the opener from the show, one of the better versions of "Prove It All Night (1978 Intro)"