Kenner League Recap: July 25, 2015

Here is the recap of Saturday's Kenner League action!

DSR, White, Copeland: did not play today.

TRE CAMPBELL: 3 pts, 0-5 2pt, 1-8 3 pt, 3 reb (2 off), 2 asst

-Tre’s shot was way, way off today, and got worse as the game went on. He fired up airballs on two consecutive wide open 3s in the second half.

-he did have some nice passes setting up good scoring opportunities, in both the half court and in transition. But in general he was pulling up for jumpers at every opportunity, and missed most of them pretty badly

-the team played a bad game in general. they could not handle two big, experienced post players on defense, and gave up wide open 3s when they collapsed on the post men. The other team was also hitting their 3s, while Tre’s team could not hit anything. They were down 45-25 at the half, and never made a run.

-Tre was usually defended by a very small, quick guy. True could not get past him off the dribble very often, resulting in him settling for/forcing a lot of contested jumpers.

TREY MOURNING: 14 pts, 5-7 2pt, 1-1 ft, 1-4 3pt, 3 reb (1 off), 1 asst, 4 bl, 3 TO

-Had a couple of nice block against one of the big interior players. Did not let himself get bullied off the play, and used his length and timing to lock the shot.

-Took down a defensive board, started dribbling up court, and fired a nice look ahead pass leading to a basket

-hit a nice catch and shoot corner 3

-did a nice job helping on D to cut off a drive, then recovering to his man

-powered through a bigger defender underneath to score, +1

-not many D boards for Trey - Will thomas and Akil Mitchell are grabbing all the boards (on the rare occasion the opponent missed a shot!)

-Hid a nice face up fadeaway baseline jumper from about 10 feet

-got cut, catch and finish along the baseline

-Trey’s family was in the gym for his game. Great to see Alonzo - the guy looks like he could still go out on the court and give an NBA team solid minutes, he is in great shape.

LJ PEAK: 30 pts, 6-11 2 pt, 6-6 ft, 4-8 3 pt, 6 reb (1 off), 1 asst, 1 TO

-Just too good attacking the basket for this kind of league. Nobody can stay in front of him, very few players big/athletic enough to contest his drives, very little good help defense played around the basket

-challenged Jessie directly a few times - scored twice, blocked twice

-had a real nice sequence: recognized that he was being defended by a smaller guy on a switch. Posted up, drew double team, kicked out for a wide open 3

-looked to push the ball up court quickly on all his defensive boards

-He definitely is shooting well this summer, on both his 3s and foul shots. Still no real rotation on most of his shots, but as long as they go in, that is just fine!

JESSIE GOVAN: 17 pts, 6-14 2 pt, 2-2 FT, 1-2 3 pt, 14 reb (4 off), 3 asst, 1 st, 4 bl, 2 TO

-matched up with Julian Vaughn - who is in very good shape and knows how to play, a good challenge for Jessie

-struggled to score in the post over vaughn

-had a nice post pass to a cutter for a basket

-a lot of his points were off easy put backs after teammate misses. Had only a few good post moves

-did hit a nice jump hook in the lane - this is definitely his go-to move, but he needs a little space to get it off

-had a really nice move later in game - good two dribbles into the lane going left, then reversed back to his right for a jump hook off the glass

-tried to drop step left into a turnaround jump shot - which was snuffed by vaughn

-vaughn powered through him for a few offense boards.

-Jessie definitely gets tired when the tempo of the game is fast and he does not get any rest. The second half tempo was slower, and jessie was fresher. you could see he had his legs on his outside shot. Hit a corner 3 and then hit his two late game foul shots. He has not shot real well from the foul line this summer, but I think that is due to being tired. As he builds his endurance, and gets used to shooting foul shots when he is tired - he should be a real solid foul shooter (75%+). he has a real nice stroke, and was a good foul shooter in HS.

-generally played good D on vaughn. Did not let him get good post position often. Jessie seems to be a pretty solid low post defender right now, but struggles when he is out away from the basket. Vaughn mostly tried to post up, did not go out high to set many screens. In real games, I think we’ll see teams constantly put Jessie in pick and roll defense situations.

KALEB JOHNSON: 17 pts, 5-10 2 pt, 7-9 FT, 0-1 3 pt, 5 reb (2 off), 1 asst, 1 bl, 1 TO

-had his shot blocked at the rim on a couple of drives

-tried to dunk over a defender - he came flying in for a one handed transition dunk attempt. Was fouled, causing him to back rim the dunk. Very athletic, aggressive move

-as always - when Kaleb can get to his left attacking the rim, he is very tough to stop. Others have made the comparison with Roosevelt Jones (butler): who is very difficult to stop going to his right, even though you know that this is what he always wants to do

-most impressive move of the game was when he went right to attack that basket, and successfully finished with is right hand. If he can develop even an average RH game - he’ll be tough to defend. You have to overplay him left to stop the strong LH moves. So if he can go right effectively when defenders are overplaying left, that opens up his offensive game tremendously.

-had a slow first half (3 points), but really got rolling in the second half. He seems like a guy who can really get on a roll once he finds his offensive rhythm.

-missed three of his first 4 foul shots, but then hit 6 in a row. Has some bad misses, but his form, arc, and rotation are all good. Should be at least an adequate foul/outside shooter, but probably will never be super consistent or truly dangerous as a shooter.

MARCUS DERRICKSON: 7 pts, 3-4 2 pt, 1-2 ft, 0-3 3pt, 6 reb (1 off), 2 bl, 1 TO

-tried to force a post move through a double team, leading to a TO

-had two nice post up moves for scores. Would like to see him try to post up more when matched against smaller/weaker defenders. He has good post moves, knows how to use his bulk and length. Quick feet.

-tried to overplay Agau in the post, got burned badly on the entry pass for an easy hoop

-Marcus does not yet assert himself offensively. He kind of takes what comes his way, rather than trying to create much offense for himself. I think he’ll be much more effective in real games, finding good opportunities within a team based scheme. And he’ll learn when and how to create his own opportunities with experience

RIYAN WILLIAMS: 21 pts, 7-10 2 pt, 1-3 ft, 2-3 3pt, 6 reb (3 off), 1 asst, 2 st, 1 TO

-Riyan’s game is built for a kenner league setting. When defenses are loose and a lot of the game is played in transition, he can use his quickness/athleticism to get to the rim and finish pretty well

-but in real games, when defenses are tighter, he just is not skilled enough to create these kind of scoring opportunities. Riyan is a good player for a walk on, but I would be real surprised if he every played a meaningful minute in a real game unless outside events (e.g. injuries, suspensions, etc) leave us thin. But I would guess he is a real good practice player, because he is athletic and plays hard all the time. He probably offers good competition for the scholarship players in practice every day.

AKOY AGAU: 15 pts, 6-9 2pt, 3-4 ft, 12 reb (4 off), 3 asst, 1 bl, 6 TO

-not involved much offensively in the first half (2 points), but then really got into his offensive flow in the second half

-good transition player. Runs the court very hard, and he is real fast. Can catch the ball while running hard and finish at the basket. Likes to grab the D board and start dribbling upcourt. Sometimes makes a good pass out of this to get a break going, sometimes goes coast to coast himself. Sometimes dribbles himself into a bad turnover. I doubt we’ll see Akoy starting breaks himself often in real games, but it is nice to see that he has good transition skills. There will be times this year when he simply beats a bigger, slower defender downcourt for an easy basket simply by running hard on a consistent basis.

-good in the post. Not real strong, but has nice post moves, and passes well out of the post when help D comes. He finds both teammates cutting through the lane to the rim, and spotted up for open 3s

-Had one move where he took his man off the dribble to the baseline out of a post up, and finished the hoop with a snake move up/through the scrambling defender.

-defensively - good length and timing to block/contest shots inside. Moves his feet real well, he can switch onto a guard off screens quite effectively for a 6’8 guy

-Agau is not thick/tall enough to be a true center, but in certain matchups/small ball lineups he could play the 5 effectively for brief periods. But l doubt he sees much time at center.

Stay Casual, my friends.