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Hoyas in the NBA: How Much Have They Earned?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Today's news that Greg Monroe has signed a 3 year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks for $50 million got me wondering how much the current group of Hoyas in the NBA will have earned by the time their current contracts expire. Below is the result of my tireless efforts to compute same.


Henry Sims: $1,781,974

Hollis Thompson: $1,381,662

DaJuan Summers: $885,120

Patrick Ewing, Jr.  N/A (Can't find NBA salary numbers on interwebs)

Greg Monroe: $68,003,116

Jeff Green: $49,518,788

Roy Hibbert: $65,175,102

Otto Porter: $8,748,480

Total: $195,494,242

Not bad!  By comparison, this blog has made like $100.