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Kenner League Action: July 18, 2015

It's week two of Kenner League, and the action is in full swing at McDonough Gymnasium today.  Here is the schedule:

GAME SITE - Georgetown University - (McDonough Arena)
July 18, 2015 - SATURDAY


Here is a recap of Thursday night, courtesy of BenHoya:

If James Joyce visited Kenner ... recap of Thursday July 26

Slow night in slow motion ... earliest Hoya was Paul White in sweats and obviously not playing. Walking ok but did not see him run.  Means DSR will have a heavy load to carry on A. Wash in their match up against DCX with Cameron and Bradley.

Reggie Cameron warming up and he looks great at one stretch hits eight outside shots in a row with wonderful rotation. Coach yells at him to stop shooting and give the ball back.

Wait, no DSR seen. A Wash is doomed.

No Hayes either ... entire season now rests on Cameron. He gets the ball on an early possession and makes awkward move to the hoop. Hits one of two (C1). He then hits a three (C4) in transition. Has some good box outs on defense. Cameron is playing the four.

Has a miss then on next possession makes a move under the hoop for two (C6). Good defense then a steal but compatriots lose it in transition. Apparently it is not legal to play defense beyond swiping at all ball in Kenner. He misses a three while moving to his right. Plant your damn feet Reggie. Oh wait, nice outlet to lead the break. Season looking up.

Oops ... getting beat to the ball on the boards. Looks familiar. Trumpets sound as Aaron Bowen makes a surprise appearance for DCX and replaces Cameron.

AirBow misses on a drive ... WTF. Gets some nice boards he seems to be playing a combo 1 and 4. Bringing the ball up a lot. Cameron back in and Bowen still on the court. Bowen makes nice move to the hoop and scores (AB2). Refs are bored so they start calling the whistle all the time. AirBow with nifty move and a hoop (AB4). Cameron hits a three (C9). DCX blowing out the undermanned A Wash.

Cameron with more energy in the second half ... misses a 3. AirBow with power move and fouled makes 1 of 2 (AB5). Air Bow misses another dunk. Yikes ... very rusty and apparently on vacation out there. Wait .... Spectacular inbounds play with Air Bow skying for dunk ... (AB7).

Blowout complete.

During intermission announcer promotes the concession stand. GT8MD considers a public health warning.

Ike is here ... And apparently the two beers at The Tombs kick in as the Mrs is loudly shouting his name like she is in the Garden or something. Wait ... No Peak. The Dlyde's season hangs on Ike's shoulders now. The red team are appropriately a bunch of Devils from directional schools. Does not bode well. Ewing Junior coaching Clyde's and his assistant looks like a Bill Cobbs' grandfather.

Wait ... Just before the game begins Air Bow's twin appears in a Clyde's uni. He starts alongside Ike. Ike starts with nice move to hoop for two (IC 2). Air Bow's twin misses two high arcing threes in a row, between an offensive rebound. Crowd opens umbrellas with concern about rain.

Ike step move for two (IC4) and then outlet to Bowen Twin for two more (ABT2). Ike is serious about playing and the best on the court. But the directional school guys have a strong esprit and are talking a lot. Hard to take notes above the din. They have a smaller version of Mugsy Bouges that is very high energy. He hits everything of course.

Othella looks bored and heads to the concession stand. Not a good sign. When he returns with two hot dogs, GT8MD excuses himself to go get his medical bag.

Aaron keeps missing easy bunnies after Ike's outlets. Red guys winning big.