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Kenner League: How Did The Freshmen Look?

I made it to several of Saturday's games and got to see all the frosh play. Agree with all that vv has reported, with a few points of emphasis:

- THEY CAN SHOOT. Holy hell. Can't begin to describe how exciting this was. Kaleb Johnson's shot definitely needs work, but the natural shooting touch is far more apparent than, say, Bowen or Whittington. Jessie Govan has a legit stroke and is obviously comfortable stepping out, which is awesome at his size. Marcus Derrickson...I mean, damn. I was worried from scouting reports that he was a Reggie clone, and in reality he looks like the true sharpshooter Reggie was supposed to be. I believe he finished 3/5 from long range in the game I saw, and the ones that missed looked really good anyway.

- Govan (pronounced "Go-VAN," btw, if the announcer is to be believed) really, really needs to work on his hands. He establishes great position and has some nice moves, but he fumbles the ball almost every time his defender reaches for it. He recovers it and finishes strong most of the time, but that won't be easy if he faces any quick doubles in the Big East. His ball strength needs to improve markedly if he wants to be a serious offensive threat.

- I hesitate to say "not athletic," because there's a fluidity to each of their games that obviously involves a certain degree of impressive natural athleticism, but none of these guys are, like, "HOLY SHIT" athletic in the mold of Copeland or Bowen. Govan threw down a few times, but nothing ridiculous for a 6'10" big. Johnson gets up for boards and moves well, but he's not Air Bow 2 by any means (Michael Bohlin from 247 Sports made a comparison to a smaller Paul White, which I think is a decent one). Derrickson, from what I saw, was mostly nailed to the floor, which seems like the only drawback to an excellent all-around player.

- We certainly know more now than we did before this weekend, but Johnson is still the biggest question mark to me. He's well-rounded to the point that I can't tell what will make him especially useful — he does everything well, and nothing that will blow you away. It's exciting to see another wing who can handle the ball, but I'm not totally sure that he does that better than White or Derrickson, both of whom are bigger and better shooters. Loved his effort on the boards, but it's hard to see him as a rebounding specialist at 6'6". It's not that his performance wasn't encouraging, because it was. It's just that I have a much easier time seeing the ways Derrickson and Govan would succeed or fail, and it's much less clear with Johnson.