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Georgetown Stars Play for $1 Million in "The Basketball Tournament"

Former Hoyas Chris WrightAustin Freeman and Jason Clark will reunite in The Basketball Tournament, a winner take all 5-on-5 tournament in which the winning team will take down a $1,000,000 cash prize.  Wright, Freeman and Clark will play for "DMV's Finest'', which also features former Maryland Terrapins stars Juan Dixon and Augustus Gilchrist.

Former Hoyas Brandon Bowman will play for a team in the West called LAUNFD and oh, Michael Sweetney will be playing on the 'City of Gods' squad. Yes, that Michael Sweetney.  In addition to the former players, a Georgetown law student is running The Jabroni Project.

From Basketball Insiders:

With word spreading and The Basketball Tournament gaining popularity, this year's TBT will be significantly bigger and have a much more official feel. The prize has doubled to $1 million, the field has tripled and games will be broadcast on ESPNU and ESPN. In mid-July, first-round match-ups will take place in four different cities - Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles - and be aired on ESPNU. The championship game, which will be played on August 2 in New York, will be broadcast on ESPN.

At this point, it looks as if DMV's Finest will open play on July 17th in Philadelphia.  You can follow DMV's Finest on twitter right HERE.

As far as a team to root against, look no further than "Boeheim's Army", which includes former Syracuse gimps Eric Devendork (sp), Hakim Jerkik (sp), and Rick Jackass (sp).

Best of luck to DMV's Finest!