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How I Learned to Let Go of My Hate and Root for Steph Curry

In 2008, I had to leave a bar before the Georgetown-Davidson game was even over because of the seething rage I was feeling as Steph Curry and Davidson knocked off our certainly-Final-Four-bound Hoyas. Seven years later, I think I'm finally ready to let it go.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Watching the Warriors hold off the Rockets on Thursday night, I realized that I'm finally ready to admit something: I really like Steph Curry. This may be an unpopular opinion around these parts because of that fateful game in 2008, but I just can't help it.

Listen, that game against Davidson absolutely shredded me. I was inconsolable at Easter dinner that night and I carried that loss for a long time. It was the year after I graduated so all the guys on the team were still my guys. We were Hoyas together and that meant something and they deserved better than that end. I maintained for several years that this was the worst of our early tournament exits for me because of how it went down and the slide that it started (I've changed my tune in the past two years and now think that both Ohio and FGCU were worse, Ohio topping the list for me).

But now, over seven years removed from the game, I think I've finally buried all of my resentment. Steph is just so much damned fun out on the court (and such a dang dork off of it). The fact that his team is also fun as hell sure doesn't hurt, but Steph's game is so complete and so fun that I can't help but enjoy him. He's worked so hard to become a legit top 3 all around point guard in the NBA and he really has it all now. The shooting we knew about, but his ball-handling is right there with Chris Paul, his passing is superb, and he's even become a respectable defender. I absolutely respect that hustle. Add to that his entertainment factor, and that's a player I just have to enjoy.

I love when he knows a shot is going in and he does the shoulder lean. I love when he takes three dribbles and spins a defender out of his shoes. I love when he throws a dart no-look pass across the court. I love the way the crowd at Oracle knows when one of his shots is going in before he even releases it. I love when he eggs the crowd on (I'm a product of the Iverson-era Sixers after all and he was the king of that). I love the step back threes over 6'10" dudes. I love when he hits a wide open three one possession and then hits one with 2 seconds left on the shot clock and two defenders on him the next. I love when he anticipates a pass on defense and sparks a fast break that culminates in a transition three (from him or his teammates).

Now that there aren't anymore Hoyas left in the playoffs (one courtesy of Steph and the Warriors of course), I'll be rooting for the Warriors and enjoying every moment of watching Steph Curry play basketball.

2008 will always be a bad Hoya memory for me and I don't know that I'll ever truly forget it, but it's 2015 now, the Hoyas have a strong outlook for the future, and I like Steph Curry now and I'm not afraid to say it.

Also, his daughter is amazing (although I look forward to all sorts of cranky comments disagreeing):