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Hoyas Court Design Contest: Which Georgetown Logo Do You Prefer at Center Court?

The contest to get a new court design for your Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown is entering its final couple of weeks, and the designs that have been submitted thus far have been casually inspiring.  You can see a number of submissions in the post and comments HERE as well as a few more over on GU Hoyas HERE.

As I look over all of the entries, it appears to me we still lack a common idea of which Georgetown logo should be at center court, which is a huge decision that will dictate how the rest of the court unfolds.  I've selected the versions below to illustrate the basic differences of the two options, which are either 1) the Bulldog Logo or 2) the 'Block G' Logo.

Big Blue G

Gray G

I think both logos have their pros and cons, but I'm interested to see what your preference is and I'm asking you to vote below, and do it now.  This vote isn't about the rest of the court's design in any of the above or any of the others you may have seen, it's just about the logo at center court.