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One Shining Moment: Georgetown Version

Because it's a long season. There were a lot of things worth remembering.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Were you planning on taking a break from thinking about basketball in the off-season? Not so fast. The Hoyas aren't going to let you slip away that easily. Before we move on to the deliriously happy and delusional discussion of next season, one thing needs to be rectified.

You see, Georgetown played in the NCAA tournament last month. The team even did the unthinkable and won a game against an opponent with a double-digit seed! However, when that meteor failed to strike on Monday night, the One Shining Moment video came and went with no recognition of the Hoyas' existence, nevermind acknowledgement of their victory. It was the latest in a series of oversights by the media. I fixed it.

Without further ado...your 2014-2015 Georgetown Hoyas: One Shining Moment.

DSR is coming back, people. So are the freshmen. Let the countdown begin.


(There are a host of technical explanations for why this video looks like an Instagram filter gone haywire. Let's think of it as a valuable lesson for next year.)