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Interview with Kelly Rohrbach: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year, Georgetown Hoya

Sports Illustrated

We here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON have prided ourselves over the years as being on the cusp of hard-hitting journalism, bringing our loyal readers interviews with individuals close to the program in order to heighten the Georgetown fan experience.  In 2011, we brought you an interview with the 42nd President of the United States and Georgetown alum Bill Clinton.  In 2012, an interview with the legendary voice of the Hoyas Rich Chvotkin. In 2013, an interview with the Verizon Center t-shirt gatling gun guy.  In 2014, an interview with "Sad Scott" McCallum, the Georgetown student whose face became the singular symbol of the 2013-14 Georgetown Hoyas basketball season.

Today, we kick it up a notch with Kelly Rohrbach, the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year and proud member of the Georgetown University Class of 2012.

I noticed from
your instagram account that you were at Coachella over the weekend. What were the bands that you saw?

AC/DC was on Saturday night and that was excellent.  The thing about Coachella is the bands and the music are great but the whole ambiance of the festival is very relaxing and cool and interesting with so much art and a lot of really cool art installations. I went with one of my best girlfriends and we just walked around, checked out music and people watched.  It was fun, great fun.

Jazz Fest here in New Orleans sounds kind of similar, and you see a lot of the sundresses and boots combination.

Yeah it's that hippie look, I think that's what everyone goes for.  Hippie hipsters.

Please rank the dorms you lived in at Georgetown from best to worst.

My freshman year I lived in New South, sophomore year I was in Copley and then my junior and senior years I was in a townhouse on 35th and O.  If I had to rank them, definitely townhouse best, Copley 2nd, New South 3rd, but actually I think I lucked out as Copley and New South were nice clean dorms.

I lived in New South my freshman year, but that dorm was a different ballgame when I was on campus.

Yeah they re-did it and now it's really nice.

I also lived in Copley my sophomore year and had a casual room with a window overlooking the Quad.

Me too.  It was really great, I was on the 5th floor.

Which was your favorite restaurant in DC and what was your go-to order?

Pizza Paradiso. It depended on the day, but usually I went with a mushroom and sausage pizza.

Georgetown social life: Keggers in Henle and Burleith? Bars?

A bit of everything I guess, I mean that's the fun thing about Georgetown is that you can do it all, right?  It depended on the night, whatever people were doing, wherever the wind blew me.

Favorite Georgetown bar?

Favorite bar, I liked the Tombs.

How closely do you follow Hoyas hoops?  Did you go to games?

I haven't followed much since I graduated, but when I was on campus I did for sure.  I went to the games, and going to the games was one of the highlights of being at Georgetown.

Favorite Hoyas player of all-time?

Patrick Ewing, Jr.

How exactly did you go from Georgetown graduate to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model? Where were you 'discovered'?

I was a theater major at Georgetown and after graduation I moved to Los Angeles to act, and I was out here two years acting when my manager suggested to me that I do modeling.  The Sports Illustrated opportunity came to me and it was sort of a serendipitous thing.  I had actually never really modeled before, and the Sports Illustrated thing came and now I'm doing a lot more modeling. It's fun.

I watched the Victoria's Secret Swimsuit special on CBS. Is there a healthy rivalry between you guys kind of like Georgetown-Syracuse?  If there isn't, can we start one?

(Laughs). I don't think so, not that I know of.  No, not at all - different brands.

You had the chance to go to an Oscars party.  Are those things actually fun?  What goes down?

Yeah, it was fun.  A party is a party, right?

Right, but is it actually fun or are just having conversations like ‘Oh my God I can't believe (insert celebrity) is right there!' or are the conversations casual and normal?

I just kind of talked to whomever I wanted to talk to, just like when you're at any other party.  Kind of like "Hey man, what's up?"

What's the strongest part of your golf game and what's your handicap these days?

Strongest part of my game would be my irons and my handicap right now is probably like a 7.

Long irons like 3,4,5,6 or shorter irons?

All of them, wedge and 9-iron through 5-iron.

Do you have any hybrids in your bag?

Not really actually, I'm not a big hybrid user.  If I need distance I'll use fairway woods.

So if you're 220 yards out, what are you using?


What about 190 yards out?


What do you think you'd shoot at Augusta?

A gazillion, I think those greens are probably pretty pretty slick.

You're from Connecticut, what are your favorite sports teams?

I'm a Giants fan for football. I like the Yankees, and I enjoy a good baseball game in the summer when it's hot.  I like the Rangers, I like the Knicks.  Those are my teams.

What's something interesting that happens behind the scenes of an SI photo shoot? Did you watch some of the other girls' photo sessions? Casual sightseeing? Raid the mini-bar?

No it's actually not at all like that.  You don't shoot together, so even though you might be on the same location with other girls, I only shoot on certain days. So I was there for two days, then Chrissy (Teigen) came after me, so it's all on a schedule and not everyone hangs out at once.

If you're out at night at a party or a bar or whatever, have you found that guys are acting differently to and around you now? Like weird stares and such?

No, no, no, please, nobody knows who I am, come on (laughs). I don't really go to bars so I haven't noticed much change.

So what's your ideal Saturday night?

Take out and a movie.

Really? Like Chinese food?


Rapid Fire Round! You ready?

Go for it!

Sweet potato fries or regular fries?

Sweet potato.

What SPF do you use on the beach?

30, spray.

Best show on TV right now?

House of Cards.

Least favorite household chore:


Rank Skittles flavors from best to worst:

Hate Skittles.

Wait, you hate Skittles?

I hate Skittles. The only candy that I won't eat.

OK, what about Starburst?

Hate them too.  Don't like gummy, chewy fruity flavored things.


Love M&M's, peanut M&Ms.  And all of the colors taste the same, right?

Correct, that was a trick question.  What is one of your guilty pleasures, something that you don't love admitting that you do?

Great afternoon naps.

Please rank the following in order of proudest accomplishments: graduating from Georgetown, appearing in an interview post on a Hoyas basketball blog, winning SI rookie of the year, being famous, generally.

(Laughs).  Well, I'm not very famous.  Getting into and graduating Georgetown for sure, but it's all a process, and not any single thing and no one step is any more important to me than the other.  All the steps add up to one bigger thing.  Sports Illustrated is amazing and I'm so thankful, but there were a lot of steps that I took to get there, so it's hard to say what's more important.  It's all important, right?

Right, so since this interview is taking place after you've gotten into and graduated from Georgetown, and after you have won the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year Award, and after you've essentially become really famous, by extension this would be the most important thing you have done so far, right?

You know, I would have to say that's true.

One of the things we do on Casual Hoya is hand out Casual Awards after each Hoyas win, basically acknowledging the players and such for things that happened during the game.  I'm going to go ahead and name one in your honor, the Kelly Rohrbach Award for Casual Victory.  Cool?

Sure, sounds fun. Go Hoyas!

One more thing:
Shake It Off or Uptown Funk?

Uptown Funk.