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Georgetown Hoyas Recruiting Target: Kenny Williams

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Georgetown's search for a fourth guard has become markedly less desperate since we learned that D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera was just throwing everyone a pump-fake last week. But "less desperate than last week" still isn't saying much, and John Thompson III would rest easier knowing that his backcourt rotation could sustain an injury or foul trouble without totally collapsing.

And lo, the basketball gods looked down upon our merry band of oversized wings and bestowed on them a blessing: Basketball mastermind Shaka Smart is departing for Texas, leaving his highly touted 2015 recruiting class to scatter (or not) as they see fit. One of these potential refugees is a Top 100 shooting guard named Kenny Williams, who was released from his LOI yesterday. He hasn't ruled out a return to VCU, but he wants to explore his options. Georgetown, having offered him a scholarship last year, is an option.

You will get excited upon reading this post. I must remind you that ours are cruel and vengeful gods. You have been warned.


He's listed at everything from 6'2" 159 to 6'4" 175. We'll call him 6'3" 170.

17.9 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 3.4 apg, 3.3 spg, 1.2 bpg, 1.4 topg his senior year at L.C. Bird High, per MaxPreps. Dropped 50 once in a high school game.

Ranked the 81st best player and 24th best shooting guard in his class by ESPN (4 stars).


For this armchair analyst's money, you can't ask for much of a better fit than Williams. The first thing on every scouting report — and the first thing you notice in his highlight reels — is his shooting ability. The kid has an absolutely gorgeous stroke, complete with perfect mechanics and a fairly quick release. The Hoyas aren't returning any proven sharpshooters outside DSR and Tre Campbell, so another three-point weapon would be welcomed with open arms. He's not an explosive athlete, but he has a quick first step and finishes well in traffic. He strikes me as a sharp player who will excel at drawing and selling contact whenever he sets foot in the paint. Highlight reels didn't show much in the way of defense, but the 3.3 steals average is encouraging.

Williams is listed as a shooting guard by virtually every scouting site, but he's somewhere around 6'3" with no serious muscle to speak of AND — this is the important part — solid ballhandling and passing skills. He has too much potential as a scorer for me to advocate for a transition to the point, but he's definitely a tweener who appears more than capable of running the offense in the absence of Campbell or DSR.


Here he is at a Top 100 camp. There's no shortage of highlights on YouTube, but I went with this because I figured it'd be the best competition.


It would be absolutely phenomenal if we got Williams. He'd fit so well here! He'd play 15-20 minutes per game backing up both guard spots, with the potential to earn a starting job as a sophomore. He's even expressed a strong desire to play somewhere where his friends and family could watch him, which led him to VCU in the first place.

You'd imagine this is good news, as DC is just over two hours from Richmond by car. I'm sorry to inform you, then, that Chapel Hill is about the same distance, and that young Mr. Williams is also courting an offer from an older Mr. Williams who resides there. Yuuup.

Could Georgetown land Kenny Williams? Sure! We're a top 10-15 program in the country. But we haven't put a PG/SG in the league since Allen Freaking Iverson, and we're recruiting against a top 5 program. Y'all better blog hard.