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Introducing the Hoya Shirt Swap!

The Hoyas season may have ended but that hasn't stopped the spectacular marketing department from trying to improve things around campus.  On Saturday, April 11th at the women's and men's lacrosse games, you will be able to trade in your shitty shirt that shamefully contains the logo of any other school for a Georgetown shirt!  That's right, take your shirts that your awful friends who attend those schools gave you that are sitting at the bottom of your drawers and trade 'em in for Georgetown glory!

shirt swap

Syracuse and Villanova shirts are worth 3 points and will get you a fly Nike Jumpman shirt.

Any other Big East, ACC, Big Ten or Ivy League shirt will get you 2 points and a Nike "G" shirt.

Any other school's shirt will get you 1 point and a We Are Georgetown shirt.

It's time to clean up this campus, and it starts on April 11th.