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Gamblers Anonymous: What Vegas is Saying About Hoyas v. Eastern Washington

The Hoyas are an 8 point favorite over Eastern Washington on Thursday, which seems crazy considering the wave of media that has picked the plucky Eagles to upset our mighty boys in Blue and Gray. Below is what one sage Vegas oddsmaker has to say about both squads:

Eastern Washington: I'm still mad at them for covering on a missed FT offensive rebound against Idaho! They cannot play ANY defense.The Big Sky Conference is just not very good - but they can shoot - they won't do well against a team that WANTS to play defense and take them seriously - but against some teams that don't - they may give them trouble - as they did in Bloomington when the beat Indiana (who refuses to play defense) outright.

Georgetown: My problem with the Hoyas is "lately". Since they beat Villanova in the middle of January they really haven't had a great win. Yes, they've beaten Butler, but that's a very favorable matchup for them. It's the running teams they've had trouble with, and they lost to Kansas and Wisconsin earlier in the year. Kansas because they run and Wisconsin because the Badgers are just that much more talented. That's why EWU could well give them a game.