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Join the 2015 Casual Bracket Challenge!

We're back!  The Hoyas are back in the Dance and while we are both terrified yet wondrously excited what the next few weeks may hold, it's time to test your skills against one another in the annual Casual Bracket Challenge!

Here's what you have to do to join:

Group Name: Casual
Group Link: CLICK HERE

That's it! Amazing!

This year we've ditched Yahoo for Realtime Brackets, which is the first college basketball bracket game that lets you change your picks after the Tourney has started. RTB is like your traditional bracket, except that your picks are never locked in. That's right, you can switch your picks even after the Tourney has started!

But wait, what do you win?

Well, I can tell you what you won't win:

1) Fame
2) Chicks (or Dudes)
3) Bragging rights of any kind
4) Anything remotely worthwhile

Join Today! Join Now!