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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Musketeers of Xavier

Your Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown get set to take on the evil Musketeers of Xavier in the semis of the Big East Tournament tonight and as usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON aka THE HARDEST WORKING BLOG IN SHOWBUSINESS are bringing you everything you need to know about Georgetown's next opponent.  Here with us to share some thoughts on Xavier is our buddy Banners on the Parkway, your trusted source for all of your Musketeer needs. Let's do this!

1) Nice win. Before we get started, how annoying is playing Butler?

It's a living nightmare. You look out there and feel like your guys are overtly more talented and Butler's only in the game/ahead because they keep getting scrappy buckets and lucky plays. The game keeps going on as you realize that their whole strategy is scrappy buckets and those lucky plays are part of the game plan. The game is a 40 minute non-answer to the question of why your better guys can't pull away from their scrappy annoying guys. Also, they play like punks.

Side note: our radio color analyst is the delightful Byron Larkin. He's one of the top playes in Xavier history and now pays his bills by yelling over our play-by-play guy (the incredibly professional Joe Sunderman), being an overt homer, and getting people's names wrong. For three years he's been referring to Butler's starting SG as Kelli Dunham like he's an early-90s high school cheerleader. I love it.

2) The Muskies have had Georgetown's number so far this season, winning both games by an average of 15 points. Put simply, why?

Matchups. We've got some defenders that can at least make life difficult for DSR and we've got maybe the only big man in the conference with the sheer bulk to man up on Joshua the Hutt in the middle there. None of your fours have shot the ball really well against us, which is good because that kills us. We're not a good enough team to just do our thing and beat people, but we can certainly take advantage of matchups and I think we have against Georgetown. Twice.

3) Now that the Muskies are safely in the Dance, what does this team need to do in the NCAAs to stamp this season a success for you?

Avoid a team like Davidson in the first round. Seriously though, we can't afford to draw a team that can shoot from four or five positions because they'll kill us. Beyond that, it's going to be about execution on both ends for 40 minutes. We could give a team a tough game in the Sweet 16 or we could wash out in the first round. The talent is there to make a run, but the consistent focus hasn't been.

4) This is your 2nd taste of the Big East Tournament. Has it been everything you dreamed of and more?

And more. The A-10 tournament was fun, especially in the Barclay's Center, but you don't get bigger than basketball at MSG. You just don't. Everybody in my generation who cared about basketball even a little harbored the fantasy of stepping onto the court because it's basketball's theater of dreams. I always wanted to go in there and mix it up with Spike Lee, but instead I was really white.

5) What is your go-to in-arena or in-stadium food and beverage order while watching a game? Assume arena allows booze.

Nachos and Coca-cola. I love nachos, and if you throw those little jalapeno slices and some chili on them, I'm going to gruffle hard. I'm a teetotaler (I'm not here to judge those who imbibe, it's just not my thing), so there's nothing better than a good Coke for me. I'll drink Pepsi, but I'll let you know I'm not happy about it.

6) How is Xavier going to look next season?

Depends on how we look at point guard. Matt Stainbrook's a heck of a player, but we've got big men lining up around the block to step in and get minutes. Dee Davis is an A-10 recruit in a Big East world, but he knows how to play the game and has a set you could bowl with. Larry Austin, Jr. has looked promising in short spurts and redshirt Edmond Sumner is incredibly explosive. Adding a grad transfer at the point might end up being the answer.

Beyond that, we're bringing back six rotation players and will have Sumner and PF Makinde London coming off of redshirt to join them, plus signee Kaiser Gates and whatever else the offseason brings. I think we're well-positioned for a good year next year.

7) Final score prediction?

I think it will be closer than the first two and probably an uglier game. I'm going with my heart and saying Xavier 62 - Georgetown 57.