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Where We Stand: Hoyas in Good Shape for NCAA Tournament

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

With just one week left in February before the calendar shifts to March and its corresponding Madness, your Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown are in excellent shape heading into the Dance.  Having avoided a loss to DePaul on Saturday night, Georgetown currently stands at 18-8 overall and 10-5 in the Big East, good enough for second place in the second toughest conference in the land.  Games at St. John's, at Butler and home to Seton Hall remain, with only the Seton Hall game presenting a possible "bad loss" for Georgetown's postseason resume.

Here's how the Hoyas stand in the big picture:

National Rankings:
Though the glory that comes with being a Nationally Ranked Powerhouse is wonderful, at this point our national ranking is relatively meaningless.  The Hoyas will either enter the Top 25 in this week's AP and Coaches Polls or they will be just on the cusp in the 26-28 range.  For what it's worth, Ken Pomeroy and his calculators rank the Hoyas at 20th in the country.

Here's what matters, and the consensus is that the Hoyas right now are a strong 6 seed, with one projection as high as a 4 and the lowest being an 8.  In week's past, Georgetown's floor was a 10 seed, so things are trending up as Georgetown's resume continues to get stronger.  No bad losses with the 3rd overall Strength of Schedule in the country certainly helps.  Assuming the Hoyas split the next two road games and beat the Hall at home, I suspect they will project as a 6 seed heading into the Big East Tournament, where a strong showing could push them higher on the Bracket, perhaps a 5 seed if Georgetown makes the Final and a 4 seed might be in reach should the Hoyas win the damn thing.

This is where things get terrifying, because as we all know too well in these parts, no matchup is safe come March:

CBS Sports:
6 seed v. play-in winner

7 seed v. Temple

USA Today:
6 seed v. Georgia

NBC Sports:
6 seed v. Texas A&M

Are we having fun yet?