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Meet Kelly Rohrbach: S.I. Swimsuit Model (and Rookie of the Year), Georgetown Hoya

UPDATE: Kelly was just named SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year! Congrats Kelly and Hoya friggin' Saxa.

Sports Illustrated

Georgetown alums have been in Congress, on the Supreme Court and even in The White House, but until now, none have ever appeared in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Hoyas fans, meet Kelly Rohrbach.

Rohrbach graduated from Georgetown in 2012 and played on the women's golf team.

Though unclear at this point whether she is aware of THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON or is a supporter of the Hoops team, it looks like we have reason to conduct a Casual Investigation into finding out.

In the interim, help Kelly out by voting for her HERE as the top Swimsuit Rookie of the Year.  It appears you can vote more than once, so vote early and vote often.  You can follow Kelly on instagram HERE.

Congrats to Kelly and Hoya Saxa!