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View from the Student Section: Brown

Despite being trapped in class for the first half, Casual Hoya's student correspondent gives you a recap of Monday night's dominant win over Brown.

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The title isn't 100% accurate tonight, but unfortunately "View from Class, Uber, and the Student Section" was too long of a title. Despite not seeing the first half of the game and following the game thread, I'll do my best to recap this one.

You didn't need to be there (or find Fox Sports 2, for that matter) to understand what happened in the first half, as the Hoyas jumped out to a 24-4 run in the first 10 minutes of the game. By halftime it was 46-15, and the game was pretty much in the bag. Admittedly, the second half was quite low-quality basketball-wise, as both teams knew the game was over and played like it. Brown was able to get into the paint to score, find open looks, and grab offensive rebounds. The Hoyas even gave up two flagrant/technical fouls in the second half. The first came when coach John Thompson III had a lengthy argument with an official about a ruling on a ball that went out of bounds. The official must not have liked what JT3 had to say and assessed a tech. A few minutes later, Marcus Derrickson got called for a flagrant foul and allowed Brown to make two free throws.

The Hoyas allowed Brown to outscore them by 15 in the second half as bench players gained more minutes. In fact, no Hoya topped 23 minutes and every single Hoya played, with all but two Hoyas (Trey Mourning and Riyan Williams) playing double-digit minutes. Nearly every Hoya (except Mourning and Tre Campbell) found their way to the basket for at least two points, with L.J. Peak leading the way with 13 points. Bradley Hayes chipped in 12 points and 12 rebounds for his second double-double of the season, and D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera added 12 points and four assists. The Hoyas made eight three-pointers Monday night, including seven in the first half, with Isaac Copeland, DSR and Peak hitting two each before the half.

Meanwhile, in the crowd, attendance was light, as students have become swamped with work in the last week of the semester and with finals around the corner on a Monday night, not many people showed up. Even I thought I would miss the game until I decided to catch the second half after running home after class, using the restroom, lighting the second candle, or rather, turning the second bulb, on my plastic Hanukkah menorah, and catching a ride to the game. After all, there are worse ways to procrastinate. Still, I had the chance to make fun of Brown and their squad, telling them after a Reggie Cameron 'and-1' that I didn't know who was more open, Reggie or their curriculum. Fans also had fun with Steven Spieth, reminding him that he'll never be as good as his brother, renowned golfer Jordan Spieth. Upon realizing that I had worn a green jacket to the game, I proceeded to hold it up every time he had the ball and ask him if he wanted a green jacket.

The scoreboard operators evidently had some time to kill, so during a lengthy second half timeout, they played "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer and asked fans to copy the Hammer Dance. I gladly obliged and was apparently spotted. As the end of the game approached, I migrated to the other side to meet the students with whom I would share a ride home. In the last few minutes on the "band" side, Jack the Bulldog joined us (in mascot form), and even took off his cap while gesturing to me to give him my "Casual" headband. I helped set up a picture, and now, in case we didn't have it before, we now have Jack with a Casual headband.

Admittedly, as painful as it may be for fans at home to see a near-empty crowd, those games tend to be fun as it allows for dedicated fans to experiment and fool around. But still, for December games where the listed attendance is below 5,000 and the real turnout is below that, the Athletic Department should consider using McDonough Arena. Sure, the arena seats only 2,500 and I have virtually no knowledge of the lease Georgetown has with the Verizon Center, but it may be worth it to have a few games against "mid-major" opponents on-campus. If they're scheduled at the right time, parking shouldn't be an issue and ticket sales could be similar. Plus more students would show up. Still, this is the hand we've been dealt. Let's try to make the most of it even if attendance may suffer for the next few games as the holiday season and final exams divert most people's attention.

Enjoy the win, Hoya Saxa, and also Happy Hanukkah!