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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Blue Demons of DePaul

Your Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown begin Big East play against the Blue Demons of DePaul and as usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are bringing you everything you need to know about Georgetown's next opponent.  Here with us is our best DePaul buddy @stacdemon, a writer for for all things Blue Demons and columnist for for all things Big East.  Let's do this!

Big East time! Kind of refreshing to start conference play, you excited?

Yeah, I'd say so. But as a long-time suffering DePaul fan, it's always an ominous feeling. You know, most fans are just waiting for the next shoe to drop and put us back into our misery. But with a new coach, we have a new hope. Fingers crossed!

DePaul recently blitzed GW. Did that win surprise you at all or is this DePaul squad on the rise? Thoughts on new coach Dave Leitao so far?

Maybe I say it every year, but DePaul is a very capable team. Prior to the GW game, DePaul had no really bad losses (losing at Penn State would be considered our worst loss), so you can say they were due. But then again, they have looked bad in losses to Stanford, Arkansas Little Rock, Florida State and Stanford. So, yeah it was a surprise (especially how they dominated), but not entirely shocking in the same vein.

As for Leitao, he's been a breath of fresh air. Under Purnell, DePaul was a country club when it came to defense. The Demons still have issues on defense (it's mostly perimeter defense that is an issue), but gone are the day of layup lines and DePaul easily getting outmuscled in the paint. The effort is clearly there this year on that end of the floor and the defense as a whole is a lot better.

Who are some of the Blue Demons that that Hoyas will need to watch out for?

By now you should know about Billy Garrett Jr., Myke Henry and Tommy Hamilton. They are the DePaul's tried and true vets and leading scorers, so I'll give you two other guys who have been playing well, and who you should keep your eye on.

One is senior guard Aaron Simpson, who is in his second year with the Demons as a JUCO transfer. The man plays with a sense of urgency and heart that is unmatched by anyone else on DePaul. Plus he is an excellent shooter from deep, making 22 of his 44 three-point attempts. He is averaging nearly 15 points a game in his last three contests.

Another player to watch is freshman Eli Cain. He is fourth on the team in scoring with 8.8 points per game. The kid is fearless going to the rim. He is just so effortless going to the hoop with long strides to the basket. Cain can also set up his teammates. DePaul fans are really excited about his potential to help at any position from 1-3.

You, like me, are a Mets fan, so belated congrats on the great season. Looking back, was that a World Series the Mets should have won or are you OK with the way things transpired? Does ownership's decision not to pursue big free agents piss you off?

As also a long-time suffering Mets' fan, I just went a long with the ride and it was an unbelievable journey. This video sums up what we went through and how we should be excited about the future.

So, I'm ok with how the WS played out. K.C. exploited every Mets' weakness. Their batters would make contact at opportune times, as the usually K-heavy Mets pitchers could not put them away. Then speed and defense just absolutely destroyed Mets. Give credit to K.C.; they had a blueprint on how to beat the Mets and executed it to perfection.

As for free agency, I have a meh feeling. As much as I loved Daniel Murphy, he had to go. He gave as much as he tooketh away, So I'm glad they got a similar player in Neil Walker for a much cheaper price. I do think they also did the right thing by not resigning Yoenis Cespedes. He's not worth that money. That said I wished they spent more money in the outfield than just settling on Alejandro De Aza

What's your take on the Hoyas so far?

Well, for one, no one has challenged themselves like the Hoyas. That was one grueling non-conference schedule. That said, I thought that would toughen then up and prevent the from losing to teams like Monmouth (yeah I know they are good) and UNC Asheville, which are games they should win at home. That said, Georgetown is too talented to go in the tank and DePaul fans have the sneaking suspicion the Hoyas, with a week off, will get back to the team that they were supposed to be when they were ranked No. 2 in the pre-season Big East poll.

What are your New Year's Eve plans? Please detail.

A lot of drinking for sure. That's the only concrete plans. Likely just hanging with my brother at some bar or party. Again, lots of drinking and oh yeah the CFP games will be watched as well.

It has been roughly 9 months since the Hoyas and Blue Demons last squared off. What is the best movie you have seen since then?

Well, I hate to be the nerdy and trendy guy, but I will say Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I grew up as a kid loving the originals and J.J. Abrams knocked it out of the park in making the movie feel authentic much like the originals. It was a great storyline and the visuals and action just made it one heck of an experience.

Like Georgetown, DePaul plays its home games in what is by most accounts a sterile atmosphere miles from campus. Rather than the city spending a boatload of dollars that probably should have gone to educational needs, shouldn't the school have looked into an on-campus arena?

The school tried to build a stadium more closer to Lincoln Park (DePaul's main campus) but circumstances made that a logistical nightmare. Traffic and NIMBY's just made that nearly impossible. With the arena being built in the south loop of Chicago, the city is hoping to bring in a lot of conventions and jump start the economy and also provide jobs. DePaul is a tenant in the new arena and it will be used for other events too. With two new hotels surrounding the arena and restaurants and bars to be built, it should be a nice attraction in two years.

Now, all DePaul has to do is bring some buzz of its own to help get this project off the ground. I for one am excited. Seriously, have you been to All State Arena lately? I want no part of that place anymore (seriously 20 mins from campus?)This is something we need to inject some enthusiasm into the program.

What is your go-to order at a Chinese restaurant?

I love garlic chicken. While my breath suffers, my flavor buds rejoice.

Final score prediction?

Again, as DePaul fans, we expect the next shoe to drop and collectively we all feel the old Hoyas return. But DePaul is getting better and will at least make it a competitive. I say Georgetown 72 DePaul 65.