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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Seahawks of UNC-Wilmington

We're back! Your Fighting Hoyas face the UNC-Wilmington Seahawks on Saturday and as usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are bringing you everything you need to know about Georgetown's next opponent.  Here with us to satiate out Seahawks thirst are our best blogfriends at Mid Major Madness. Let's do this!

UNC-Wilmington! Tell us something about UNCW that we might find interesting. Any casual alums?
Obviously stone cold assassin Brett Blizzard is the top name that comes to mind.

Calipari went to UNCW before transferring to something called Clarion which I assume has a hotel management and hair gel concentration. Other than that you have Skeet Ulrich who played Billy in Scream (RIP Billy).

UNCW has won its first five games by an average of 20 points a game. Are you a sneaky mid-major powerhouse, or a beneficiary of Charmin-soft scheduling?
It's a mix. They haven't played a lot of games and they've played two non-Division I schools. With that being said they have beat some quality squads in Eastern Kentucky, Western Michigan, and East Tennessee State. I keep giving the Seahawks some love in our Mid-Major Power 15 Rankings every week. I think they'll be a contender in the CAA and Kevin Keatts is really doing a good job at UNCW. 

I'm not seeing much size on that roster. Concerned at all about stopping the Hoyas' monster Bradley Hayes?
I'd say that's Geogetown's biggest advantage coming into the game.  UNCW is one of those space and pace teams built for mid-major success and they can get away without a formidable frontcourt on most nights. With all that being said, 6'7 freshman Devontae Cacok has shown he can be a presence this year averaging 8 points and 5 rebounds thus far this year. 

What is your go to order at a BBQ joint?
I feel like every time I'm answering your casual questions my manhood is somehow being indirectly questioned. I'm usually a straight up BBQ sandwich guy with some mild Carolina sauce. Standard sides for me are mac & cheese, collard greens, potato salad, and hush puppies. I usually top it all off with an Arnold Palmer if it's not the appropriate time for an adult beverage. I suggest Buz & Ned's to anyone roaming the Richmond area. 

Who has to play well for UNCW to have a shot at winning this?
UNCW has a really balanced backcourt and I think it really comes down to Jordon Talley, Denzel Ingram, and Craig Ponder playing well.  The Seahawks have really good ball movement and if those three can take care of the ball and get something going on the outside then they can definitely challenge the Hoyas. I think their highlighter yellow jerseys would also give them the best chance of winning. 

UNCW's nickname is the Seahawks. Who would win in a pickup basketball game, UNCW or the Seattle Seahawks? Remember, Jimmy Graham played basketball at Miami.
I'm still going with UNCW, I've played pick up with Russell Wilson before and I see him taking things too seriously and ruining Seattle's chances. Jimmy Graham would start complaining he's not getting the ball enough and then a fight with Richard Sherman would break out.  We probably wouldn't get through the whole game to be honest. 

On a scale of 1-10, how terrifying is your Dec. 19 match up with Radford?
That should be a really solid match up. Radford has been a very weird team this season and seems like Mike Jones has forgotten how to draw up game winners since that opening win against some school in DC. I don't think UNCW fans should be nearly as terrified for the Highlanders as you should be for Monmouth (

How does conference play look like for UNCW? What chances do they have to sneak into the dance by winning the CAA?
The CAA is sneaky good this year with 7 teams playing really well with James Madison, William & Mary, and Hofstra leading the way. The conference tournament in Baltimore is going to be a dogfight and UNCW has just as much a chance as anyone out from that top seven. Personally I give the edge to William & Mary because it's in Baltimore and they have a dude named Omar. 

We're getting into the holiday season, and many people go nuts in their love for Christmas & the holidays. How far does your love go? Do you own a lot of holiday-themed stuff? A Christmas sweater perhaps? Would you like one of these bad boys?:

ugly xmas

My holiday arsenal really got beefed up when I obtained this beauty at the Longwood-UMBC last week.

Longwood lost which I fully blame on my participation in these Sleeping with the Enemy posts. Remember our Maryland Eastern Shore preview? I said former UMES head coach Frankie Allen looks like Sherman...  I walked into Longwood's gym on Saturday and who was walking the halls on his way to the locker room? FRANKIE ALLEN! I knew as soon as I saw him that the game was over. Karma is a bitch, especially when it's of the casual variety. 
If we got one of those t-shirts would we still be "the enemy"? 

Final score prediction?
I'll say 77-66 Georgetown. Hoyas just have too much talent and too much of advantage in the frontcourt for UNCW to pull off the upset. Weird things happen though with these exam week lulls.