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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Fighting Hawks of Maryland - Eastern Shore

Your Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown look to climb to .500 with a Tuesday night tip against the Maryland - Eastern Shore Fighting Hawks and as usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are bringing you everything you need to know about Georgetown's next opponent.  Here with us to dish on the MEAC's finest are are buddies at Mid-Major Madness, the premier source for all things mid-major on the internet.  Let's do this!

UMES! Tell us something about Maryland Eastern Shore, the school, that we might find interesting.

I think the two most interesting things I know about Maryland Eastern Shore are that David Banner is an alumni and their old coach Frankie Allen looked just like Sherman Klump.

I know everyone who reads Casual Hoya has that David Banner "Play" song on their iPhones.

(Casual Note: Work them hips, run girl.)

The Hawks have struggled in the early going, dropping its 1st 4 games before finally notching a win in its last game against St. Francis (PA). Where do you see the Hawks finishing this season in the MEAC?

Yeah not a great start for UMES, but they've played a pretty solid schedule with only a couple of home games. Bobby Collins has done a lot in a short amount of time to get away from the Sherman Klump era. The Hawks should be in the thick of the MEAC this year and should be a top five team. I don't know if they have the guys to compete with Hampton for a league title but no one is going to want to match up with UMES in the MEAC tourney.

Who are some of the guys on the Hawks that the Hoyas need to watch out for on Tuesday night?

UMES brings a trio of scorers to the mix in Devin Martin, Dominique Elliot, and Bakari Copeland. All three guys are averaging in double-figures now. Copeland, a Charleston Southern transfer, is the guy I'd really keep an eye on. He can do it all and his statline shows it with 11.2 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 2.2 assists this year. He's 6'6, 235 which could cause him some trouble playing against bigger teams like Georgetown.

If you had the option of living on the Western Shore or the Eastern Shore of the United States, which would it be and where specifically? Justify.

What about Jonny Flynn mid-coast? I'm going with Eastern Shore and I'll say Pawleys Island, South Carolina. I've been to the Western Shore of the United States and there is no basketball to watch at night. BOOOOO!

The Hoyas play Syracuse on Saturday. What are your thoughts on the rivalry and feel free to use this space to discuss your disdain for the Syracuse program and Jim Boeheim, generally.

Boeheim is a booger eater... Now that I've gained those positive points with Casual Hoya nation I'm going to cash them in to say that this rivalry doesn't have as much cache as advertised. I think it's a lot more meaningful for the two fan bases than it is for other basketball fans. I've lived in Virginia my whole life and there isn't anything that has a sizzle for me. There is no geographic nature to rivalry and the Verizon Center is a bit of a sterile environment for college hoops. I think it does bring the old nostalgia of the Big East tourney in MSG, those are really the meaningful memories for me.

What's the best movie you have seen lately in theaters?

I have a nearly two year old son and another one on the way so I have not been to movie since the summer of 2014. I was stuck in Jackson, Mississippi on a rainy day and had to choose between Godzilla or X-Men. I chose X-Men, pre-gamed at an O'Charley's, and went to see X-Men 3D in a completely empty theater. I liked X-Men because RFK got trashed and it makes me think the Redskins would've built a new stadium in DC and Dan Snyder would have moved to Wyoming over fears regarding the mutants and never bought the Redskins. A man can dream...

I am a bit confused though how Quicksilver was in that movie as a thieving adolescent and then he was twin from the eastern block in the most recent Avengers movie. Someone give me the nerd cliff notes on that.

Final score prediction for Hoyas - Hawks?

Georgetown 81, UMES 57. I blew the Radford prediction so maybe I should switch to UMES 57-56? By the way, Georgetown is destined to play these guys in the NCAA Tournament:

(Casual Note: These Monmouth buffoons play the Hoyas at Verizon on December 15th.)