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Heckler's Guide to the Maryland Terrapins

Going to Tuesday night's game? Have some frustration to vent after Saturday? Then look no further than the Heckler's Guide to the Terps.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, our Georgetown Hoyas lost to a mid-conference Big South team on Saturday, but one early loss does not break a season. The Hoyas have a chance to bounce back in a big way against the #3 Maryland Terrapins. The game is up the road from us in College Park, and while UMD was not nice enough to make tickets available for a visiting student section (as is common courtesy for big games), quite a few Georgetown students and alumni will be making their way to the game. So for those who do (and who dare to not just focus on cheering on the Hoyas and shout stuff as a visiting fan), we have the Heckler’s Guide to the Terps. As a reminder, check the original Heckler’s Guide for standards of conduct (tl;dr just be smart about it. Don’t say anything too offensive.) Feel free to also make references to other Maryland things like "The Wire," Old Bay seasoning, the movie/musical "Hairspray," and Martin O'Malley's poll numbers.

Here are some players to watch out for:

Melo Trimble- #2- Romelo is the full name of this D.C.-born, Prince George’s County raised guard, who led the Terrapins in scoring, assists, and steals last season. You can ask him about how his New Year’s resolution to take more selfies has been going,

although he has a history of not following through with his promises on Twitter.

He'd probably be significantly more likable if he looked like James Harden out there. And for the record, he also was not pooping.

Jake Layman- #10- The 6’9" senior averaged 12.5 points and 5.8 rebounds last season, and to be honest, isn’t particularly interesting on Twitter or Instagram. Heading into this season he has reportedly been on a 7,000-calorie diet, but he has not documented any of his food. He also roots for cheaters (sorry, Pats fans) and posted this picture of a dog dressed up like someone at a spa.

Diamond Stone- #33- The freshman big man scored 10 points and brought down 7 rebounds in his debut and has been hyped as one of the top freshman bigs in the nation. According to his bio on UMD’s site, his father named him Diamond because it’s the hardest rock on the planet, and Diamond’s favorite player is Wilt Chamberlain. Given Wilt's history, I'll just leave this here and trust you to be creative.

And now, the likely target #1 of your anger:

Rasheed Sulaimon- #0- Something’s fishy here. Sulaimon arrived at UMD after becoming the first player to be dismissed from the Duke basketball program under coach Mike Krzyzewski. Sulaimon had been dismissed for unspecified reasons, but it likely traced back to allegations of sexual assault, which Duke reportedly ignored for about a year before dismissing him. I'll leave this info here, but please tread lightly.

Got any other pent-up anger to direct at the "Twerps," the school, or the state of Maryland at large? Feel free to comment below.