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Positive Post-Game Prognosis: Radford

Well, that was unexpected and unpleasant, but all is not lost. Let's run down the reasons to be optimistic about the rest of the season!

The Hoyas took a stumble out of the gate against Radford. That much is obvious.  There were lots and lots of negatives in this game so let's take some time to focus on the positives. There's plenty to be upset about, but let's try and stay positive in this comment section. If you just want to complain that we suck, use the other threads for that.  Here we're going to look at the team's bright future.


Youth: This is a young team and our rotation is composed of 3 freshmen, 4 sophomores, 2 upper classmen who saw limited time in their previous seasons, and DSR. Hiccups were bound to happen, but this team has vast amounts of potential. This loss does not negate the fact that this team can do great things. It just might take longer than we were expecting. Young teams consistently improve as the year goes on and this team will be a force to be reckoned with by Big East play

Depth: The Hoyas played 8 players over 10 minutes with Kaleb Johnson getting 8 minutes. This, despite the fact that Paul White who will certainly play a big part in the rotation, out with a hip injury. It looks like the Hoyas will go a legitimate 10 deep this year.

Never Giving Up: I'll be honest I thought we had lost this game in regulation and then again in the first overtime. But both times the Hoyas rallied and made the impossible happen to keep hope alive. They ultimately succumbed, but the plays at the end of regulation to force overtime gave me hope that when the going gets tough this team will not collapse. This game provided ample learning points for the young team and will ultimately make them a better team for it.


Bradley Hayes: The big man was the biggest bright spot for the Hoyas on Saturday. The parallels to Henry Sims senior year are clearly there, but Hayes' transformation is perhaps even more amazing. Hayes exploded in his first game as a starter leading the Hoyas in scoring and rebounding with 19 points and 12 rebounds. He even added a block and an assist.

Jessie Govan: The center position for the Hoyas was the brightest spot for the Hoyas. Jessie and Bradley combined for 30 of the Hoyas' 80 points. Jessie showed a soft touch around the rim and out to the three point line, and he hit all of his free throws.

Reggie Cameron: Scored 7 points and went a perfect 4-4 from the free throw stripe. He also grabbed a board, blocked a shot and dished an assist.

Tre Campbell: Tre went 2/3 from deep on a day the Hoyas struggled from the outside and padded his 6 points with 5 rebounds.

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera: Despite what he didn't do in this game, he did eventually get 15 points and more importantly handed out a team-high 5 assists and chipped in 4 rebounds.

Marcus Derrickson: I was at first glance underwhelmed by his performance because of they hype coming off the Italy trip, but looking closely Marcus did a lot of the small things that will help this team win down the road. A perfect 4-4 from the line, he had the second highest assist rate on the team behind DSR and the second best Defensive rebounding % on the team behind Hayes. His outside shot will start to fall as he becomes more comfortable.

Isaac Copeland: Didn't have a great game, but was the third leading scorer and while his outside shot let him down yesterday was an efficient 3/4 inside the arc and a perfect 2-2 from the line. Ike's outside shot will come around.

LJ Peak: Like Copeland, this was not his finest performance especially on the defensive end, but his steal and put back to force overtime was arguably the play of the game. He also pulled down 5 rebounds to go with 7 points.

There were a lot of things the Hoyas didn't do well in this game, but this is a young team that will continue to improve. The Hoyas were out hustled in this game but hopefully this is the wake-up call the team needed to get on the right track. There are a number of areas for improvement, but luckily with some minor changes this team has the depth and talent to still do great things. Don't give up on them yet.