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2015-16 Georgetown Hoyas: Season Predictions Thread!

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The time is now!

In the comments section below, give me your predictions for the upcoming season, broken down by the following:

Overall record: (31 games)

Non-Conference record: (13 games)

Big East record: (18 games)

NCAA Tournament seed:

How far in NCAA Tournament:

As a reminder's here's our damn schedule:


11/14: RADFORD (noon, FS2)
11/17: at Maryland (9pm, ESPN2)
11/20: vs. Wisconsin (5pm, ESPN2, 2K Classic at MSG)
11/22: vs. VCU/Duke (1pm or 3:30pm ESPN, 2K Classic at MSG)
11/28: BRYANT (noon, FS2)
12/01: MD-E.SHORE (7pm, FS1)
12/05: SYRACUSE (1pm on FOX)
12/07: BROWN (7pm, FS2)
12/12: UNC-WILMINGTON (2:30pm, CBSSN, BB&T Classic)
12/15: MONMOUTH (7:30pm, FS1)
12/19: UNC-ASHEVILLE (noon, FSL)
12/22: at NC-Charlotte (TBA, TBA)
01/23: at UConn (in Hartford, not Storrs)


12/30: DePaul (9 p.m., FS1).
1/2: MARQUETTE (5:30 p.m., FS1)
1/5: Creighton (9 p.m., FS1)
1/9: DEPAUL (noon, FS1)
1/13: St. John's (6:30 p.m., FS1)
1/16: VILLANOVA(1 p.m., CBS)
1/19: Xavier (8:30 p.m., FS1)
1/26: CREIGHTON (6:30 p.m., FS1)
1/30: PROVIDENCE (8 p.m., FS1)
2/2: Butler (7 p.m., FS1)
2/6: Seton Hall (9 p.m., CBS Sports Network).
2/8: JOHNNIES (7 p.m., FS1)
2/13: Providence (noon, FOX)
2/17: SETON HALL (9 p.m., FS1)
2/20: XAVIER (noon, FOX)
2/27: BUTLER (noon, CBS)
3/1 Marquette (9 p.m., FS1)
3/5: Villanova (noon, FOX).

Have at it!

The winner at the end of the season gets a new car*!

*The winner at the end of the season will not get a new car.