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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Highlanders of Radford

College hoops is almost back! Your Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown take its first step towards the National Championship against the Radford Highlanders on Saturday and as usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are bringing you everything you need to know about Georgetown's next opponent.  Special thanks to our best bros at Mid Major Madness for once again stepping into the ring. Let's do this!

College basketball! You excited for the season or what!

This is really the only thing that can describe my feelings...

Apart from the crushing loss to the Hoyas, Radford had a strong season last year, beating Virginia Tech early and reaching the quarterfinals of the CBI.  What/Who do you expect will be the biggest strengths and weaknesses for Radford this year?

Radford was a team built to peak last year and with the uneven recruiting classes from Mike Jones Radford's biggest strength and biggest weakness are almost one in the same. Radford has a very experienced starting five in Rashun Davis, YaYa Anderson, Cam Jones, Brandon Holcomb, and Kion Brown. With that being said, the Highlanders basically have no experience beyond those five with six freshmen on the roster. It'll be an interesting mix for Jones this year and you have to wonder if he regrets bulking his recruiting classes as he did when he arrived at Radford.

What is your reaction to this?

I mean, can I show that GIF again? This is beyond awesome, but it's not the best college hoops bobblehead I've seen this preseason. That would be this:

Where do you see Radford finishing in the Big South? How does the Big South shape up for 2015-16? Who gets the bid?

Radford is a middle of the pack team in the Big South this year and they continue to find postseason success in the conference tournament. Javonte Green and RJ Price have moved on and they were really the heart and soul of the team. They leave a nearly 28 point, 12 rebound void on the Highlanders roster and I don't see anyone really being able to fill that gap. Holcomb and Brown are big bodies for the conference but those two continue to be strawmen to a degree providing minimal output. If Radford is going to exceed expectations then they need their backcourt putting up 30+ points a night.

Georgetown will now have played Radford in men's basketball in both of the last two seasons, and the Hoyas men's soccer team started its season by beating Radford's side. Is a rivalry brewing? More importantly, can we start fighting? If yes, where would you prefer to fight?

I think it's in the rules somewhere that you have to play three times to become rivals. If you come to the Dedmon Center next year then I think we'd have a full blown rivalry.  In terms of fighting I would propose we meet at JMU. That seems like a good halfway point and the Dukes fan would be a total wildcard to eventually develop a handicap match.

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Justify your decision.  Further, describe your ideal hot dog. Grilled? Boiled? Steamed? Toppings?

I know this is a topic as old as time but let's just put an end to this...a hot dog IS NOT a sandwich.  It's glorious all on it's own. No other sandwich has its bread uniformly interconnected as one. Sure you'll get the occasional connected hoagie roll for a cheesesteak, but it's not universal by any form.

Boiled hot dogs are just nasty, you don't know how long someone has been reusing their hot dog water. Grilled is obviously the way to go. In terms of toppings, the classic chili dog is the pinnacle. Shredded cheese, chili, ketchup, mustard, and chopped raw onions. I suggest Melitos in the Richmond area.

As you may know, the new James Bond film has just come out. If Daniel Craig doesn't come back as Bond in the next film, who's your pick to succeed him?

I'm all in on the conspiracy theory that "James Bond" is simply a code name and I'm also all in on Idris Elba. Everyone has had a little void in their heart since Stringer Bell was brutally assassinated by Omar and Brother Mouzone. Resurrecting Stringer Bell as James Bond is a natural next step for the next president of the United States. Emily Blunt is my wildcard pick, much like YaYa Anderson in the Big South this year.

Speaking of films, who is/would be your ideal host of the Oscars?

Larry David. We saw what he could do at SNL recently and I think he could crush the folks in Hollywood with his humor. Of course JB Smoove would be on the stage plenty as well.

Predict the Future! Your 2015-16 National Champions will be _____________________.

Gonzaga. It's bit outside the box but I think this is finally the year that the Zags bust through. Kyle Wiltjer is a legit national player of the year candidate and I don't think anyone in the country has a better frontcourt. Sabonis and Karnowski should be dominant for Mark Few.

Final score prediction for Hoyas-Highlanders?

I'll say 81-49 Hoyas. I think this is going to be a bloodbath unless Georgetown just comes out completely flat.