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Which Recruits Will Be at Hoya Hoops Madness?

Here's the list:

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Hoya Hoops Madness is a big opportunity for the coaching staff to show off the school and the hoops program to potential future Hoyas, and this year will be no exception. Below is a list of recruits that, per Casual sources, will be in attendance.

Jagan Mosely - Class of 2016 SG commit who you can read about HERE.

Keldon Johnson - 5-star Class of 2018 SF, brother of current Hoya Kaleb Johnson

DJ Harvey 5-star Class of 2017 wing

Joshua CarltonClass of 2017 6'10" center

Parker Stewart4-star Class of 2017 SG from Tennessee

Joshua NickleberryClass of 2019 SG

Nate Watson4-star Class of 2017 PF

Blake Harris 3-star Class of 2017 PG

Gabriel OsabuoheinClass of 2017 SF

Shakur Daniel Class of 2018 SG

Likely some others as well, will update in the comments section as names trickle in.

Hoya Saxa!