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Georgetown's OT victory over Marquette in GIF Highlights

"Blog GIF Goddess" Hoya Saxual posted this excellent GIF documentation for Saturday's thriller over Marquette in the comments of our recap post. But it needed to be seen by more people so we're reposting it as an article. Give her all your daps and Oreos.

Matt Carlino hit four threes in a row to start the game. Questions about a reversion to the mean that never comes and the LD-50 of househould bleach entered our minds, which only expect that type of onslaught in March. This GIF will give me nightmares.

Tre Campbell is progressing at a much more rapid rate than expected towards being this team’s point guard. The first half was visually jarring, but this floater as the halftime buzzer followed by a casual jog straight into the locker room was ridiculous(ly enjoyable).

Joshua Smith got it together this year. I’m thrilled. Because as much as other teams’ three point shooting is the stuff of nightmares, watching guys ricochet off Smith in the paint is what we barely dared dream could happen, and led to his stat line of 18 points, 15 rebounds and lots o’ minutes.

Isaac Copeland was our most highly ranked recruit. This must be why. The announcers were busy salivating over Fischer’s free throws when this block happened, so you may have missed it.

Was Marquette intentionally trying to avoid letting the Hoyas execute their normal game plan? They fouled Hopkins…except he made 11 or 12 FTs. DSR got swarmed…so he passed to the freshmen and they made Marquette pay. Aaron Bowen didn’t have a clear lane to the basket, so instead pulled up for this rainbow jumper that arced completely out of the frame. No, no, no, no…what?

Copeland again. He turned this absolute mess of an offensive possession late in second half into a jumper that seemed magnetically drawn into the basket. I can’t remember a time when it was so reasonable to want freshmen taking initiative in January. Not even with Otto.

The Hoyas went 28-32 from the line. If solidly 2/3 of their practice over the past two weeks has been foul shooting, it’s working. Hopkins’ FT total was more than the margin of the game. Smith used every last bit of give in the rim and backboard to make these when he was fouled with 5.9 seconds to go. If he hadn’t, the next play would have been crushing.

Early in the game it was predicted that Carlino would hit a three at the buzzer to win. Either his foot’s too big or there was condensation on the floor. So close. And we’re going to overtime…

Once again, a freshman. Under a minute left to go in OT, DSR passes to Campbell. Defense closes out properly; he still nails it. Then the team nails 6 more FTs.

Trawick may have been limping, but we was excited. Understated celebration all the way down the bench…including JTIII.