Kenner League Recap: Championship Weekend

A recap of Championship Weekend's action:

21 pts, 10-16 2 pt, 1-5 FT, 13 reb (4 off), 1 bl, 1 TO

-Another real nice game from Hayes. He was matched up with Gus Gilchrist for much of the day, making his good work particularly impressive

-Still failed to convert some very makable chances inside, including a miss on a wide open point blank layup off an offensive board

-He consistently posted up with deep position and got off good shots on jump hooks over both shoulders. Missed most of his LH jump hooks, although he did convert one. Looks a lot more comfortable using his RH than his LH - understandably! His left hand hood does show potential - the form is solid, he just is not consistently accurate.

-Had a really nice "and 1" jump hook conversion with a help defender swatting at the ball - strong move, converted through the contact.

-Got away with a push off on a lob pass catch over the fronting defender. But he caught the pass and converted the opportunity - he just won’t get away with that shove very often in real games.

-Made a real aggressive post up and quick drop step left to beat Gilchrist. Real power move. Had a second similar move later in the game

-Defensively - he gave Gilchrist jump shots, for the most part, when he faced up. Gus is a solid shooter, but this was the right move - Gilchrist is too quick off the dribble for Hayes to stay with him.

-While Hayes played good D, he did foul often. He would have fouled out in a real game (I am not sure if there is even personal foul limit in Kenner league games - Hayes definitely had at least 5 fouls, probably more)

-Hayes really played solidly this summer. He did not face a lot of real college level big men, so it will be interesting to see if he can translate his summer play against bigger defenders. I’m pretty optimistic that Hayes can provide 10-15 serviceable minutes off the bench; with the potential that he might be able to be even a bit better than serviceable

JABRIL TRAWICK: 17 pts, 5-8 2 pt, 1-3 3 pt, 4-7 FT, 5 reb, 4 asst, 4 st, 3 TO

-Real good performance from Jabril, in a highly competitive game against good competition.

-HIt a pull up three early in game. Also hit a pull up 15 foot jumper off a hopkins pick

-Had a nice Pick and Roll pass to Hopkins for a basket

-Made a few big plays late in the game to lead a comeback for takeover. Doubled the ball handler for a steal that turned into a fast break hoop, followed by a transition layup. Down 3 with 50 seconds left, he hit an "and 1" runner in the lane through a lot of contact.

-Down 1 with 13 seconds left, he came up with a loose ball off an inbounds pass to give Takeover a final possession down 1. Jabril attacked the lane, but forced up a highly contested air ball.

-Takeover had a nice comeback to almost pull this game out - but they really blew the game at the foul line, missing at least 15 foul shots in the second half alone.

MIKAEL HOPKINS: 18 pts, 8-13 2 pt, 2-4 FT, 5 reb (1 off), 2 asst, 4 bl, 2 TO

-Mikael wraps up a good summer performance with another solid game. He really is very athletic and mobile. He just needs to play smart and under control consistently. Unfortunately, he continues to look to shoot almost every time he touches the ball - usually putting his head down and driving. Against lesser defenders, he can be very effective doing this. But against better defenders, this strategy is far more hit and miss.

-Ran the same tipoff fast break play as last week, leading to a Josh Hart basket

-Hit a really smooth LH hook on the run in the lane, followed by a running LH hook off the glass. Hopkins looks so good when he converts these kind of shots!

-Then missed 2 fairly easy layups in a row, both leading to runout baskets that allowed Oohs and Aahs to extend their lead out to 8 points late in the first half

-Had a great drop step LH finish. Hopkins has gotten quite good at finishing with his left hand around the basket

-Made a great defensive play, contesting a shot to force a missed layup, gathering the rebound, and throwing a pass to start a fast break.


-Aaron Bowen, Reggie Cameron, and David Allen did not play for their Kenner league teams in the opening game of the day. Kind of a disappointment!

-DaJuan Summers in for a visit today

-Victor Oladipo was on the bench for moral support for Takeover. Oladipo seems like a great guy - he was goofing around with all the Takeover guys during warmups. Too bad he did not suit up, they could have used him

-I will not be at the final game on Sunday - after 5 full weekends away from home, and only one Hoya playing today - I need to pass on today’s game for some at home time. Anyone who does attend - it would be great if you could share any impressions on Hayes’ play in the championship game.

-I plan to summarize all the stats from the games I kept track of this summer, and post all the Hoya players per game averages. I should have this up sometime later this week.

Stay Casual, my friends.