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The Internet's Greatest Feature Returns: Welcome to Document Your Lunch

The calendar has finally flipped to August and the long wait for lunch documentation enthusiasts to once again proudly document lunches is finally over! Welcome back everyone, to Document Your Lunch!

What exactly is Document Your Lunch? It's pretty simple, really. All you need to do is answer the following question in beautiful, luscious and supple documentation:


With so many different social media options available we are going to kick this sucker into OVERDRIVE. We'll be documenting on twitter (@casualhoya), documenting on instagram (@casualhoya), and of course, we'll be documenting in abundance right here on your favorite cuddly Georgetown Hoyas website, THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON.


How Do I Document My Lunch?

Great question and a very important one indeed.  First, you need to be eating lunch.  Second, you need to take a picture of your lunch.  That's it! You've documented your lunch!

How Do I Alert THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON Once I Have Documented My Lunch?

Another great question. You can #DocumentYourLunch by simply taking the pic of your lunch and sending the documentation VIA TWEET to @casualhoya, VIA INSTAGRAM (@casualhoya) or VIA EMAIL to Remember to use the damn hashtag #documentyourlunch along with your pic and brief description.

Why Would I Ever Want to Document My Lunch?

Silly question.  Once I receive your #documentyourlunch submission, your lunch will be shown to the masses and I'll make you famous and cool with AUTOMATIC RETWEETS to our abundance of loyal followers.  This will get you laid.

Is This The Greatest Daily Feature in the History of the World Wide Web?

This is the greatest daily feature in the history of the world wide web. Fighting Through the Dog Days of August and Documenting Lunches Since 2009.

Bring It.