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Ivan Rabb's Recruitment Heats Up

Ivan Rabb, a consensus top 5 player in the Class of 2015 and Georgetown's biggest recruiting target, opened up on the latest in his recruitment to Adam Zagoria.  You can read the full post here, and his comments about the schools on his list are below:


On Cal, which he likely won't take an official to because it's so close: "It's only 15 minutes from my home...I like everything about Cal-Berkeley."

On Georgetown: "I liked the city, Washington, D.C. The campus was great. All the coaches. I met big coach, Coach John Thompson. I went to his house, we talked for a while. They took me to the big man gym, that's where all the battles happen, and that's what I like about that school."

On Duke: "They recently offered me a scholarship during LeBron camp, they offered me. The visit, we just kind of talked for about an hour with all the coaches in the room, just me and my mom. And just had a good conversation about things that I can improve on, things like that."

On North Carolina: "I like the town, it's kind of like this town a little bit, it's kind of quiet. We went to the gym, the gym is enormous. I didn't realize how big it was, how many people can fit in there. I like the whole coaching staff. They made me feel like family. We joked around, we laughed a lot. That's what I'm looking forward to, is a family atmosphere."

On USC and UCLA: "I haven't been there. I was supposed to go there and Arizona in three or four days, but plans fell through. We had a family emergency so I couldn't do it."

On Arizona: "I used to get irritated the last few years people just always telling me since I'm playing for the Soldiers that I'm automatically going to Arizona, which is not true. But now I don't let it get to me. I'm just looking at them from a basketball player's standpoint. They have a good coach, they win a lot of games and they do some things that I like in their program."


In addition to the above, Rabb discusses various package deals involving other highly touted recruits Diamond Stone and Malik Newman - neither of which will be heading to the Hilltop.  However, I caution to take these kinds of articles with numerous grains of salt, as it is common for a kid to say positive things about fellow recruits in his class and especially any school that is recruiting him.

From the Georgetown perspective, I take this to be good news, as it seems he has a good head on his shoulders and is emphasizing a few key things in his school of choice. One, a successful program. Two, a staff that will help him to develop his skills for success at the next level.  And three, family.

Of the above options, there's one clear choice.  Georgetown's success in developing big men is second to none and the coaching staff has been front and center for all of Rabb's games during the July live period.  Make no mistake about it, Rabb is Georgetown's number one target and the mutual interest is real.

Highlights of Rabb below:

Hold onto your butts.