Kenner League Recap: July 13, 2014

A recap of Sunday's Kenner League action:

REGGIE CAMERON: 14 pts, 4-7 2pt, 2-5 3pt, 7 reb (1 off), 4 asst, 2 TO

-Reggie did not play as well as his stat line might indicate. During the latter portion of the game, he again seemed real winded. He had his usual issues with staying in front of his man defensively. A number of times, the other team isolated Reggie defensively so his man could have space to try to take him off the dribble

-Reggie did a good job of converting his offensive opportunities, hitting his open shots more effectively today. He also had a nice post up turnaround jumper when he got matched up with a shorter defender.

-Reggie has rebounded well so far this summer, coming up with 5-10 boards each game.

DAVID ALLEN: 12 pts, 1-2 pt, 3-6 3pt, 1-2 FT, 2 reb (1 off), 5 asst, 1 st, 2 TO

-Allen has played very solidly so far this summer. Today he hit his threes, and passed the ball effectively.

-He also is holding his own defensively, not making any real noticeable mistakes on that side of the ball.

LJ PEAK: 20 pts, 5-10 2pt, 1-3 3pt, 7-10 FT, 5 43b (1 0ff), 3 asst, 3 st, 2 bl, 3 TO

-He had an explosive run in the first half, again attacking the basket and finishing/drawing fouls. He slowed down a bit after this, as the defense began to cut off his path to the basket better on his drives

-His jump shot definitely needs work. He hit one 3 today, but in general I think teams will be quite content to let him fire up as many jumpers as he wants. HIs offense is going to come from his breathtaking attacks at the basket, at least early in his career.

-Defensively - Peak had a number of very athletic steals and blocks, usually translating them immediately into transition opportunities

ISAAC COPELAND: 11 pts, 2-8 2pt, 2-4 3pt, 1-2 FT, 3 reb, 2 st, 1TO

-Isaac lets the game come to him. He does not assert himself too much on offense right now, but instead stays within the flow of the game to get his scoring opportunities.

-Seems to settle for his jump shot much of the time. It is a nice shot, and he hits it pretty regularly. But with his handle and explosiveness, he’ll be more effective offensively as he learns to drive to the hoop more often

-He again showed a strong handle in the open court. He and Paul White both like to come down with a defensive board and start right up court themselves, leading to some good transition opportunities.

DSR: 24 pts, 6-11 2 pt, 3-7 3pt, 3-4 FT, 7 reb, 5 asst, 1 st, 3 TO

-DSR vs. Peak was a fun contrast. DSR’s game is about patience and skill, while Peak’s is about aggressiveness and athleticism. The DSR change of pace move vs. the Peak explosion to the basket. Both are effective, just so different. Combined they provide a nice range of style for the Hoya offense.

-DSR again excelled at getting into the lane for mid range jumpers and kick out passes. His real go-to move is to drive into the paint, then reverse pivot to free himself for the jumper. If the defender stays with the reverse pivot, he is good at finding an open shooter.

2 pts, 1-3 2pt, 0-1 3pt, 5 reb, 1 asst, 2 TO

-More of a non-factor today than in previous games. He rarely touched the ball offensively, and missed a few open jumpers

-No big mistakes, he was in the right place most of the time. Just not a whole lot of impact on the game

11 pts, 5-8 2 pt, 1-1 FT, 7 reb (3 off) 1 asst, 2 BL, 1 TO

-Nobody over 6’5 on the other team, but Hayes was not able to control the post nearly as well as he did on saturday. The defenders did a better job pushing him off deep position, and playing 3/4 defense in the post to deny the entry pass. His teammates also did not look for him on the post up as much

-On defense - Hayes was often stuck covering smaller, quicker players. He did a good job not getting killed off the dribble by these quicker players.

-He was also getting doubled in the post in the second half. Bradley avoided turning the ball over in these situations, and had one nice quick pass to a cutter (who failed to convert)

10 pts, 4-7 2pt, 2-5 FT, 0-1 3pt, 2 reb, 2 asst, 5 TO

-Jabril was not as effective today as he was last weekend. Still played well, but he did not see as much of the ball.

-HIs foul shooting was off all day - most of his misses were long


-Mikael struggled to finish inside today. The other team had a number of long, fairly athletic bigs who were effective in challenging his interior shots

-Defensively he had a few good possessions vs. GW’s Patricio Garino, who is pretty good at attacking the basket. Hopkins ended up on him off pick and roll switches a few times, and denied his attempts to drive the hoop.

-He ran the floor for a nice dunk

-Had a big block around the 5 minute mark in a close game

-Fell asleep on D to allow an easy dunk, and got beat on a few pick and rolls in the second half

-Offensively: this was one of those games where Mikael telegraphed his intention to put the ball on the floor and go to the basket well in advance of making his move. The defense was therefore well prepared to cut off his drives before he put his head down and started his moves.

9 pts, 4-7 2 pt, 1-3 FT, 7 reb, 1 asst, 1 st

-2 nice pull up jumpers early in the game

-Clydes has a lot of guys who hunt there own shots. It is sometimes hard for White’s more team-oriented game to work well in this kind of setting, so he can sort of disappear from the offense for long stretches

-I feel pretty confident that White is therefore the kind of player who will have a lot more impact offensively in real games, where teams are running an offense rather than just trying to take on defenders 1-on-1 most of the time. His basketball IQ, passing, and cutting are the strengths of his game, and none of that stuff comes into play too often when his teammates are usually looking to beat their man off the dribble

TRE CAMPBELL: 17 pts, 5-9 2 pt, 2-7 3pt, 1-2 FT, 3 reb (1 off), 2 asst, 1 st

-Probably the most interesting Hoya performance of the day. Tre pushed the tempo hard in the second half. Right now - he is much, much more effective when he is playing fast than when he is playing in the half court

-Had a really nice drive/draw foul move late in the first half

-Had both nice finishes and assists when pushing the tempo in the second half. Also had a great steal

-His jumper looked good on a catch and shoot open 3, but his shot is usually not nearly as fluid when he pulls up off the dribble.

-Defensively, he can really struggle vs. good picks. He is just too small to fight through the pick much of the time. The effort is there, it is just a matter of not having the size/strength to get through picks set by bigger/stronger guys

23 pts, 4-5 2pt, 3-13 3pt, 6-9 FT, 7 reb, 2 asst, 1 bl, 2 TO

-Jeff was more engaged offensively today, although he fired up way too many 3s outside the rhythm of the offense.

-On the receiving end of a great half court lob pass from Peak.

-He and DSR ended up covering each other for a portion of the second half, and they got into some good natured back and forth, going at each other. It was funny to see these two very differently skilled and sized players go at each other.

PATRICK EWING JR.: 9 pts, 3-5 2pt, 0-3 3pt, 3-4 FT, 6 reb, 1 asst, 1 st, 2 TO

-Good to see Pat back on the court! Pat has definitely gained a few pounds and lost a few steps since his Hoya days, but he still played real hard. Pat ended up on the floor every few minutes throughout the game

JASON CLARK: 13 pts, 5-8 2pt, 0-3 3pt, 3-3 FT, 3 reb (1 off), 3 asst, 2 TO

-Good to see Jason playing, after suffering a few serious leg injuries last year

-Had a few trademark drives late in the game

-still super thin!

Note: Again no Aaron Bowen present for DCX today

Stay Casual, my friends.