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Ivan Rabb Visited Georgetown

This is the third part of our epic 'Ivan Rabb Visiting Georgetown' trilogy.  You can find the other parts here:

Ivan Rabb to Visit Georgetown

Ivan Rabb Visits Georgetown

Per a number of sources that reside in dark places, by all accounts Rabb's visit to Georgetown went very well.  A sparkling day in DC greeted Rabb and his family, he took a tour of campus and headed to Verizon Center to check out the NBA arena digs while the Washington Mystics were practicing.  As some have already noted, he spent a total of NINE hours at Georgetown and with the Hoyas staff yesterday as compared to half that amount at North Carolina and just a couple of hours at Duke.

Whether that makes Georgetown a leading contender for Rabb is unknown, but I have to think that the Hoyas are certainly well positioned here to make his final list, which will likely include Arizona and Cal.

This, of course, will all likely lead us down a path we Hoyas fans have become well accustomed to, the inevitable soul-crushing ESPNU Selection Show.