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Georgetown Blown Out By Villanova 77-59

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Though this Georgetown Hoyas team still remains en enigma, the one thing that has become clear after thirty regular season games is that there are really only two forms of this team that can take the court.

The first version is "Hoyas A", a team that can play with any other team in the country, plays disciplined on both ends of the floor, stays out of foul trouble and gets excellent play from its backcourt. Hoyas A is the team that showed up against Michigan State at Madison Square Garden, and recently in the final home game of the season against Creighton. Hoyas A is joyful, fun to watch, and is loved by the fanbase.

The second version is "Hoyas B", a team that, for lack of better description, makes watching Georgetown basketball very difficult. Hoyas B is turnover-filled, foul prone mess of a team that's weakness in the frontcourt is exposed by better teams and not even the heroic efforts of the backcourt can overcome. Hoyas B brings out the worst in the fanbase, a team that causes us to scream bad things at referees (even if deserved), a team that causes us to scream bad things at the network that broadcasts our games (even if deserved), a team that causes us to question or very existence and hate one another (again, even if deserved).

It isn't fair to say that Hoyas A has showed up in each win and Hoyas B has showed up in every loss, but Hoyas B is the team that was on the floor against Villanova today, an opponent that requires the presence of Hoyas A to compete with. And not surprisingly, as Hoyas B did everything that Hoyas B has done throughout the season, this game was over quickly and the Hoyas lost a game that it needed very badly to make the NCAA Tournament.

I could go into a detailed analysis of how this game was lost but at this point it seems like a silly exercise. Georgetown's road to the NCAA Tournament starts Wednesday night in the Big East Tournament against DePaul. For the cynical part of the fanbase, this is likely the penultimate game of Georgetown's season before an eventual game in the NIT. However, for those still delusional, the Big East Tournament is set up nicely for this team to make a run to the finals that will likely be required in order to hear its name called on Selection Sunday. DePaul, Creighton and either Marquette or Xavier are all winnable games.

Winnable, at least, for Hoyas A.