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Is this rock bottom for Georgetown under JT3?

Georgetown awaits NIT fate as the show at MSG rolls on.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing after last night's loss.

On a personal note I just got to New York and was really looking forward to seeing a number of you and of course tonight's game against Creighton, for which I was lucky enough to be granted a press pass. So that was taken away from me and it is sad. But no matter how sad I feel or you may feel after last night, I doubt anyone feels worse than the players and the coaching staff and that's important to remember as we take to our favorite vehicles of social media and spew our opinions.

That being said, it's OK for you to feel like shit because last night was embarrassing. I'm not sure how many times Georgetown can hit rock bottom but it certainly feels that the last two seasons that floor keeps getting lowered.

Are good times ahead? Sure. But right now it sucks. And it sucks a lot.

I'll keep this thread up through Selection Sunday so we can find peace.