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Weekend Open Thread and Paying Tribute to Allen Iverson


Lots of action this weekend so feel free to comment your thoughts on anything hoops or otherwise!

I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge Saturday night's retirement ceremony for Allen Iverson, the greatest Hoya of my generation.  As someone who graduated from Georgetown in '99, from New South to Copley to the USAir Arena I can say without a doubt that watching Iverson on the court was the most fun I have had as a fan of Georgetown basketball. I had the pleasure of being at MSG for the 1996 Big East Championship game between Georgetown and UConn, which was both riveting and heartbreaking. I can still envision Ray Allen's off-balance shot going in and the hectic final seconds when Iverson gave us all hope, and the stunned silence that came over the Hoyas student section when Jerome Williams was unable to connect on that putback layup. That game wound up costing Georgetown a 1 seed in the Dance and perhaps ultimately prevented the Hoyas from hoisting a National Championship, but to this day I will always believe, like the sign we carried into MSG that night, that "UConn has the wrong Allen."

Congrats, AI.

Hoya Saxa.