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Nate Lubick: Coach's Son, Lover of Jazz

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Mike Ehrmann

Georgetown senior forward Nate Lubick plays in his final games as a Hoya over the next few weeks, and Nicole Auerbach of the USA Today brings us an interesting look at his interests off the court.

Blurb below, then click HERE for the full article:

He laughs. He knows this is all a bit unusual for a Division-I college basketball player. He lists off his favorite jazz musicians: John Coltrane, Charlie Parker and Dexter Gordon. He brings up Stevie Wonder, Harold Melvin and Otis Redding. The Beatles. He loves soul music. The only contemporary artists he really likes are John Mayer and John Legend. Before Georgetown games, he listens to Sly and the Family Stone - "not really pump-up music at all," he says, laughing.