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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Musketeers of Xavier

Your Nationally Ranked Powerhouse Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown are getting set to open Big East play against the Mighty Musketeers of Xavier, and as usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are bringing you everything you need to know about Georgetown's next opponent.  Here to extrapolate on all things Xavier is Banners on the Parkway, your go-to site for all of your Musketeer needs. Check out Casual Answers to their questions RIGHT HERE. Let's do this!

Banners on the Parkway!  How are things in MuskieLand so far?

MuskieLand is full of excitement these days! We went 9-3 in non-conference play and look stronger now then we did when the season first began. We are in a better place now then we were at this point last season heading into conference play and we honestly think that we're going to beat some teams and make a splash. The only way that things could be better right now is if we quit scheduling Thanksgiving tournaments.

Who are the main guys that the Hoyas need to watch out for on the court?

Xavier has a great mix of young and experienced on their roster. Leading the way for us is senior big man Matt Stainbrook. The stain train does a great job on offense and defense and will be an interesting matchup with Josh Smith.  The other player to watch out for is freshman forward Trevon Bluiett. He's 6'6 and making a huge impact on the team this year. Dicke V has yet to call him a "diaper dandy" but he's very worthy of whatever title you want to give a good freshman. There are other players on this team who play a good game, but those are the only two players that have not really been in Mack's doghouse this year so I'll stop at them.

What are your thoughts on Chris Mack?  Is it inevitable that he jumps to a better gig at some point or do you see him at Xavier for the long haul?

Call me an optimist, but I honestly think he will be at Xavier for the long haul. He got the five year itch and flirted with Cal last year, but this turned into a bigger contract for him. When we were in the A10 I was always worried about the jump, but in the Big East I do not see it happening. Cincinnati guy and a Xavier alum. That sounds like a recipe for staying the long term.

Xavier just took down Florida Gulf Coast.  Not much of a question here, but thank you for doing that.

Not going to lie, I was probably more nervous then I should have been for that game. Not because they are that good, but because I was having flashbacks. Always glad to slay the demons.

We all know that Cincinnati-style chili is revolting, and is really a form of pasta with meat sauce.  Let's say you and I are at an Italian restaurant together.  Please detail your order from start to finish, and feel free to include beverage selections.

Ouch, as a fan of Cincinnati style chili I must say that I am hurt by these words. But regardless, I would love to go Italian food with you. First off, since the game is in Cincinnati, I got us a reservation at Ferrari's. The first thing we need to order is wine, some sort of red one of course. I always like bruschetta as an appetizer, so we're getting a plate of that. For a main dish I'm going to order a plate of tortellini Florentine, a nice green dish. And we'll have to top it off with another glass of wine. At the end, I'll take the check because you are a visitor to the Queen City.

How will you be ringing in 2015 and what are your New Year's resolutions?

I will be ending 2014 and bringing in the new year at an all inclusive event with friends.  I had mentally planned to attend the New Years Eve game if it was at home, but once I saw the 10 pm tipoff I had a change of heart. I'll be thanking the technology gods the entire time as I check the game on my phone. As far as resolutions? Learn to play defen-oh! This is my New Years resolutions! Sorry, I was thinking about what the Musketeers resolutions should be. For me, I'm going to run more and hopefully run another marathon. Read more books and continue trying to learn a new language. Also I have a brother in the district, so I should visit him more.

Where do you see Xavier finishing in the Big East?  How far does the team need to go in order to stamp this season a success?

I will answer the second part first. Sweet 16 or bust. That second weekend has for years been the benchmark for a successful Xavier season. Now for the first one. I really like this years Big East and I feel that there will be a lot of bruisers out there. Every team except one seemingly can beat anyone, so it's going to be rough but awesome. I see Xavier finishing in third behind Villanova and Georgetown. As much as St. John's is winning right now, I do not think that they will keep this up.

Final score prediction?

It's a late night tip off at the Cintas Center. I'm going with a Xavier victory 75-71. Lots of offense the entire time and it will be very back and forth. Probably some tough fouls too, because this is Big East basketball and Xavier loves it.

Thanks for the questions! I enjoyed them and I am looking forward to the game. My twin brother is a Georgetown grad and I graduated from Xavier, so I always look forward to the games between us. Let's go X.