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Hoyas in the NBA Dcoumentation: Otto and Roy square off at Verizon

I got distracted by the game and was watching Otto closely most of the time he was in so I missed my chance to get good action shots of him and sadly, Roy and Otto were only in the game for a short stretch in the 2nd half and then again in OT when I wasn't focusing on getting pictures.

Otto had a very quiet night, but didn't play badly and certainly didn't make any major mistakes. Roy was absent on the offensive end, due at least in some part to a noted lack of touches though he did miss all seven of his field goal attempts. He did have 9 rebounds and 5 blocks. He is a beast on the defensive end and forced John Wall to dish the ball out of the lane several times instead of going up for a layup. Unfortunately (or fortunately for Otto and the Wizards), the rest of the Pacers aren't very good and Wall was often able to find open shooters to knock down shots in those situations.