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JT3 on L.J. Peak: "He's Similar to Jeff Green"

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Since Coach John Thompson III decided to compare Aaron Bowen's contributions to those of Patrick Ewing Jr. after the win over Texas A&M-Corpus Christi on Tuesday night, I wanted to continue the theme with L.J. Peak.

Well in case you weren't already feeling warm and fuzzy enough about the play from the talented freshman forward just two games into his college career, JT3 offered up something that will grab the attention of Hoya faithful everywhere.

"I've had many," JT3 said when asked if he's had any other freshman that were as ready as Peak from opening night, particularly on the offensive end.

OK here is the part where you can get your delusion on.

"Totally different size but he's similar to Jeff [Green]," JT3 explained on Thursday afternoon.

Yes, that Jeff Green.  You might remember Mr. Green as the do-everything focal point forward of the 2007 BIG EAST Championship and Final Four run.   Oh yeah, he was also co BIG EAST rookie of the year in the spring of 2005.  He might even be the reason this blog exists.

JT3 further added:  "His feel for the game, the way he picks things up - the fact that he can score but do a lot of other things.  The way he finishes is very similar to Jeff.  I would probably - just in terms of overall comfort level and understanding - I would say Jeff."

Even though we are only two games in and all that jazz, go out and enjoy the start of your weekend knowing that Peak is already drawing comparisons to Green by the man that would clearly know best.

There's no need to be cynical tonight.