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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Colonials of Robert Morris

Your Undefeated Juggernaut Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown look to extend its winning streak to three games on Saturday against the Robert Morris Colonials and, as always, we're bringing you everything you need to know about Georgetown's next opponent.  Here to dish on all things Colonials is Ryan Peters, one of the trusted souls over at Big Apple Buckets who, amazingly, knows a heck of a lot about Robert Morris hoops.  For our answers to their questions, click HERE. Let's do this!

Tell us something about Robert Morris, the institution, that we might find interesting.

You're asking me about Robert Morris, the university, when I can barely drum up interesting facts about its NEC rival and my alma mater, Sacred Heart?? (Side Note: Cliff Claven of the sitcom Cheers was a Sacred Heart graduate!) Well, a hasty glance at Wikipedia shows that Sir Robert Morris was "next to General George Washington, the most powerful man in America" so he must have been a pretty cool dude back in the colonial times. I guess that happens when you help finance the American Revolution. Who doesn't like freedom?!

On a more infamous note, Robert Morris University's previous head basketball coach, Mike Rice, was fired from his next job at Rutgers two offseasons ago for hurling basketballs at his player's heads while screaming obscenities. I doubt you'll find that on Robert Morris' Wikipedia page, though.

Who are the guys on the Colonials that the Hoyas need to be aware of on Saturday?

Senior Lucky Jones, a NEC all-conference first team selection this preseason, is the Colonials best all-around player, although he's struggled early on as the assumed go-to guy. His effort versus Bradley on Wednesdaynight is a nice sign though, as the 6'5" forward registered 17 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in their victory. He's one of the best athletes in the conference. He can score a variety of ways, is solid creating off the bounce, and will defend at a high level. I pegged him as the next NEC Player of the Year, so he's obviously a guy central to JTIII's scouting report without a doubt.

After that, it's anyone's guess with seven newcomers on this roster. Guard Rodney Pryor has shown to be a lights out shooter from the perimeter in spurts - he scored 26 points after making 6 of 7 from behind the arc at Bradley -- so maybe Smith-Rivera draws that assignment defensively. Freshman guard Marcquise Reed, a recruit who selected Robert Morris after mulling over several mid-major offers, had no trouble creating good looks at the basket versus UNC. He registered an impressive 20 points on just nine shots, no small feat versus an ACC school that doesn't care what classes its "student-athletes" take.

If you and I are at a bar watching the game together, please detail both your food and beverage orders throughout.

Are we going to a fine drinking establishment in the Washington D.C. area like The Tombs or Old Ebbitt Grill? Actually, can we go to Old Ebbitt, I love that place! If so, I'm starting off with a delightful Oyster Shooter then partaking in a Dogfish Head Ale. I'm usually down with a burger and fries as my bar food, but I'll make it a little awkward by ordering the mouthwatering seafood jambalaya.

To its credit, the Colonials have scheduled top teams such as North Carolina and Georgetown.  Do you think this was easier to do or more difficult after that epic NIT win against Kentucky?

I don't think it's either to be honest. Head coach Andy Toole deserves a ton of credit for turning Robert Morris into a NIT slayer (don't forget they beat St. John's in last season's NIT too), but to be fair, the 2012-13 version of Kentucky wasn't the Kentucky we are used to seeing with NBA scouting combines, countless McDonald's All Americans and annual trips to the NCAA Sweet 16. During that upset, the far more talented Wildcats looked like they'd rather be in their dorm rooms playing NBA 2K 2012 than in Moon Township competing in the NIT. The feisty Colonials were more far more physical than their, at times, disinterested opponents. But again, that's a credit to Toole, who is one of the brightest young coaches in the game.

Speaking of that game, where were you at the time and what was your reaction?

I was still surprised and excited by the upset. I may or may not have high-fived my cat afterwards.

What kind of music (which singer, bands etc) are you listening to these days?

As a father of a 5 month old daughter, it's been nothing but Jack Johnson these days inside our home, which I don't mind since his last album is excellent. Otherwise, I really dig the latest Artic Monkeys "AM" record and I'm starting to get into the Foo Fighters latest effort "Sonic Highways." But really, I ultimately crave a return record from Rage Against the Machine... too bad Zach de la Roca is one flaky dude.

The Undefeated Juggernaut Georgetown Hoyas recently throttled your fellow Northeast Conference foe St. Francis Brooklyn.  Does this make you scared?

Anytime you're face-to-face with an Undefeated, albeit Unproven Juggernaut, there's always the worry of an embarrassing blowout. Truth be told, a majority of these guarantee games don't end well for the Northeast Conference program, but that's the nature of the business I reckon. Occasionally, there will be a situation where Bryant University scares the crap out of UConn in their season opener, yet I don't foresee this matchup as an upset candidate. (There I jinxed it...)

Final score prediction?

I think the Colonials hang around for a while until Georgetown's exceptional athleticism and The Joshington Monument are too much for Toole's inexperienced team to handle. The Hoyas will win their third straight versus a mid-major, 85-68. Maybe someday soon Georgetown will pick on somebody their own size!