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Hoyas in the NBA: Wednesday night schedule

Wednesday night's NBA action features a Greg Monroe and Otto Porter matchup as well as Roy Hibbert going against the Heat and Jeff Green going against the Thunder.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday Night

7:00 PM ET: Pistons at Wizards - November 12, 2014 -
DOUBLE HOYA ALERT: Greg Monroe and the Pistons travel to DC to take on Otto Porter and the Wizards. The Pistons are struggling at 2-5, while the Wizards have run out to a solid 5-2 start. Both Greg and Otto have been solid so far this season, with Greg in the early top-5 in the league in rebounding.

7:30 PM ET: Thunder at Celtics - November 12, 2014 -
Jeff Green and the Celtics host Jeff's old team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Both teams have struggled so far this season, the Celtics because they aren't very good yet and the Thunder due to injuries to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

7:30 PM ET: Pacers at Heat - November 12, 2014 -
Roy Hibbert and the Pacers got their second win of the season Monday night, led by Roy's 29 points and 5 rebounds. Wednesday, they travel to Miami in a decidedly different rematch of the last two Easter Conference Finals.