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@NationWideNolan's take on the Georgetown Hoyas 2014-2015. Predictions, observations and random musings, via his site Cutting Down Nets:

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

  1. DSR isn't the only Hoya on First Team All BE. Joshua Smith joins him.
  2. Isaac Copeland and LJ Peak both start games at some point or another during the year.
  3. Hoyas continue to wear their worst uniforms in recent memory until Nike provides some digs in the 2nd half of the year.
  4. The best closing lineup eventually becomes: DSR/Jabril/Peak/Copeland/Smith
  5. Paul White's ball-handling becomes a real asset.
  6. The training staff still fails to carry a mirror for contact lens issues (ht/ my old friend RDF)
  7. While his time is limited, Reggie Cameron is a better than 40% three point shooter.
  8. Hoyas grab attention by knocking off Florida in Atlantis in Round 1 and Kansas at home in early December.
  9. After dropping a close one to Wisconsin, the Hoyas knock off Oklahoma for a 3rd place Atlantis finish.
  10. Defense is almost back, and the adjusted D Rating falls in between a respectable 94-95.
  11. The offense checks in at a near III era average of 111.
  12. Bradley Hayes is only used in an emergency role.
  13. Aaron Bowen sees his minutes cut from last year but still contributes in a spark plug role.
  14. With more on his plate, DSR's efficiency takes a dip but is offset by more talent and skill in other spots.
  15. A 14-2 home record.
  16. A 5-4 true road record.
  17. A 2-1 showing in the Bahamas.
  18. A win in MSG vs Indiana.
  19. A 12-6 conference record.
  20. For a total of 22-7 (12-6)
  21. There are different ways to skin the cat.
  22. There is no such thing as a trap game.
  23. Before April, there is a new member of the 2015 class to go with Marcus Derrickson and Jessie Govan.
  24. Outside of Villanova - Xavier and Butler prove to be the most difficult matches in conference.
  25. After a Monday night win at home vs Villanova - the delusion train is at full steam.
  26. In Hoya fashion it's followed with a loss that Saturday in Milwaukee.
  27. Due to the need for an added shooter and play-maker - LJ Peak logs the most freshman minutes.
  28. Tre Campbell only finds spot minutes, but enough promise is shown to feel good about the future of the PG position.
  29. John Caprio is not on the floor in critical moments.
  30. Any combination of Caprio, Cameron, Lubick, Bowen and Hayes does not find the floor in a critical moment.
  31. Mikael Hopkins leaves on a high note. Not due to production or an increased role - but by being a guy with a motor who does the dirty work. A long cry from when he first entered the program.
  32. The ‘back in our day' Hoya fans still find it difficult to be enamored with the toughness of Jabril. Who accounts for at least one costly technical this season.
  33. Josh Smith shoots between 58-60% from the field.
  34. Big East Game of the Year: New Years Eve. 10PM ET @ Xavier. An upstart Xavier team vs a revenge minded Hoyas team following last year's collapse in Cincinnati.
  35. Nate Lubick's screening ability is missed. No, really.
  36. DSR leads a balanced scoring attack at 16.5 points per game.
  37. Hoyas get back to playing a strong 2-3 zone. And feature it as frequently as they do man-to-man in conference play.
  38. My hopes for a pressing unit centered around: Trawick/Bowen/Copeland/Hopkins.
  39. Hoyas' achilles heel becomes the ability to handle and break pressure.
  40. Villanova and Georgetown finish 1 and 2 - and are the rightful flag carriers for the Big East. Which only sends 4 teams to the tournament. (Xavier and one of SJU/Butler/Providence)
  41. A III era record is set in terms of tempo - averaging over 67 possessions a game - besting the 2010 mark of 66.9
  42. The Jabril Trawick vs D'Angelo Harrison rivalry concludes with two Hoya wins.
  43. Bill Raftery uses the phrase "Peak Show" and it is awesome.
  44. Rotation sets in as: DSR, Trawick, Peak, Copeland, Smith, Hopkins, White and Bowen. Cameron and Campbell find small spot minutes.
  45. As it should - and as needed - Georgetown and Villanova face off Saturday night in MSG. The game last 3 hours with classic Jay Wright tactics in a close Villanova victory.
  46. Hoyas solid resume and OOC wins net the team a 4 seed.
  47. Placed in the East Regional - the Hoyas get sent back to Columbus, OH where they win their ‘pod' and advance to the regional finals in...
  48. ......the Carrier Dome. The ride stops in the Round of 16 but the freshman + DSR return for a promising 2015-2016.
  49. Tavaras Hardy departs the staff for a head coaching job at the mid major level. Othella Harrington is promoted to a lead assistant role.
  50. We have a real season again. Saturday.