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An Interview with "Sad Scott", the Face of the 2013-14 Georgetown Basketball Season

We here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON have prided ourselves over the years as being on the cusp of hard-hitting journalism, bringing our loyal readers interviews with individuals close to the program in order to heighten the Georgetown fan experience.  In 2011, we brought you an interview with the legendary 42nd President of the United States and Georgetown alum Bill Clinton.  In 2012, an interview with the legendary voice of the Hoyas Rich Chvotkin. In 2013, an interview with the legendary Verizon Center t-shirt gatling gun guy. And now, in 2014, we bring you an interview with the soon-to-be legendary Scott McCallum, the Georgetown student whose face has become the singular symbol of the 2013-14 Georgetown Hoyas basketball season.  

So, to recap, we've gone from Bill Clinton and Rich Chvotkin to the Verizon Center t-shirt guy and now a kid who nearly cried on camera during a Hoyas game.  Things are looking up!  Away we go!

Your real name is Scott but from now on on the internet you will be known as Sadface. You cool with that?

On campus, people have started calling me "Sad Scott" so whatever works for you.

Let's go back to the moment that the camera captured.  Walk me through precisely what you were feeling.

It was pure disappointment on two fronts. First, there was the game. After leading by 3 with 6 seconds to go, here were the Hoyas down by 7 in OT, another blown lead for Georgetown and another loss to a Big East opponent. To make matters worse, I, and the rest of the student body, had just received a text from Hoya Alert saying that classes weren't canceled for Tuesday. Talk about pouring salt on an open wound.

Has there been another time in your life when you felt so dejected?

The night of FGCU. End of story.

What was the coolest thing you had ever done in your life prior to being the star of this epic moment?

Not really sure, but I lit my coffee table on fire once.

If you take a look at said now world famous clip that you are the star of, you will notice that many of your fellow students are cheering, clapping, almost hopeful that Georgetown would somehow turn it around and win the game.  You, however, did not share this feeling.  Why?

First, let me commend the optimism of my fellow Hoyas, but come on let's be real nothing that was happening was worth any cheering. There was no momentum for Georgetown to realistically believe that a come back was possible.  I had seen the collapses against Seton Hall and Xavier and was certain it was déjà vu all over again (courtesy of the great Yogi Berra).

What's the mood on campus among your fellow classmates regarding this year's Hoyas team?

I would classify the mood as depressing. This year's team hasn't really given us anything to be excited about. Major injuries are hurting us, and the team just can't hold a lead. People are wondering whether last year was our best chance to go far into the NCAA Tournament during our time here on campus. There is also a lack of confidence since our performance in post-season play has been anything but successful, even when we did have exciting and winning regular seasons.

Talk to me about your experience thus far during games at Verizon.  Do you like going to the arena? Do you think the school does a good job motivating and getting the students to the games?

My experiences with going to games at the Verizon Center have been great. I love the arena, and the crowds are always enthusiastic. I think that Georgetown does a good job of motivating students to go the games, especially by providing direct free busing to Verizon for season ticket-holders who attend the less popular early-season games. Most students take the metro, but Georgetown provides lots of buses that take students from campus to the Rosslyn metro station, which is really convenient.

What do you do for fun?

Sit in my room and cry about Georgetown basketball obviously.

Do you have any hope for the future of Georgetown basketball?  Do you have any hope for the future, generally?

I do see better days in the future for Georgetown basketball. I'm banking on the strong recruiting class that is supposed to be coming in next year. For the future generally, I'm less optimistic.

You, like me, are now an internet hero.  How have you adjusted to your newfound fame and glory on campus?

I am still adjusting! This all happened so quickly, literally overnight. I think I need to take a step back and make sure all of this fame doesn't go to my head. My fellow classmates are doing a good job of this though, I got targeted quite a few times today during the big snowball fight on the front lawn. That dropped me down a few pegs.

Even though the Hoyas are struggling, will you continue to go to all the remaining home games?

Of course! I love going to the games and I am a big basketball fan in general. Plus, the team needs support, even when they are down. They will give us something to cheer about eventually...I hope.

Is appearing in that gif and now this interview the pinnacle of your career? Have you peaked too soon?

It has to be the pinnacle thus far, but who knows where I will go from here. I might even try talking to Dick Vitale about taking over his spot when he is done. This isn't the end of Sad Scott.