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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Johnnies

Your Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown are back in action this weekend with a Saturday afternoon affair with Big East rival St. John's, and as usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are bringing you everything you need to know about Georgetown's next opponent.  Here to dish on all things Johnnies is our best blog buddy at Rumble in the Garden, your destination for everything you ever wanted to know about St. John's.  Let's do this!

Happy New Year, my dude. Any casual New Year's resolutions for you this year?

Happy New Year to you as well! I don't do resolutions. Partly, I think they're a little too much pressure and we have to change with the winds of the year. And also because I am terrible at sketching out a reasonable future and too lazy to make that future actually happen. Give me short-term and intermediate-term goals anytime; I don't do five year or one year strategic plans unless someone's paying me.

Talk to us about Rysheed Jordan. How good is this kid and how good can he be?

Rysheed Jordan is good, but he's still learning. He's tall, he's quick, he's a scoring point guard who penetrates the lane better than any other Johnnie using a combination of crafty body control and pure quickness. He's not better than chocolate but he's better than Mike Shanahan. (Wide range, I know.)

Steve Lavin pointed out a couple of mistakes Jordan made in trying to will the team back from a deficit against Xavier on New Year's Eve; a closer inspection shows that he also makes some shots that aren't great ideas, gets lost in his part of the zone defense as well. But he draws fouls and creates shots on a team that needs individual shot creators.

Other than Jordan, who are some of the others guys that the Hoyas need to be aware of?

I see what you did there.

D`Angelo Harrison is the St. John's star. But he's been putrid against the Hoyas, shooting 22% from the field and only scoring in double figures once (24 points, Feb 12, 2012) in four games against Georgetown.

So, gaze deeply into my eyes, follow this swinging locket, take this pill, get very sleepy and enter a relaxed mental state.

You're there? Good. Pass the message along - don't bother with Harrison. He's no good.

Concentrate on Felix Balamou and Chris Obekpa. They're primed for a breakout scoring session ANY DAY NOW.

Now, slowly come out of the restful state. You won't consciously remember what I tell you, but when D`Angelo Harrison's name comes out of an announcer's mouth, you'll think, "play off of him."

Welcome back! So, to answer your question - Orlando Sanchez is an x-factor. He can score and create in the post, and adds a solid dimension against the Hoya size. The Johnnies will try and score off of defense, so general transition defense is also key.

What are your thoughts on the Big East thus far and which teams do you think make the Dance?

The Big East remains the land of parity. Unfortunately, the parity wasn't enough for a marquee non-conference win, and Syracuse fans are still pointing and laughing at the Big East. Next year, let's hit Syracuse in the kneecaps, cool? METAPHORICALLY, I mean.

Dancing: hmmm. Villanova... Creighton... and one of Georgetown/ Marquette/ Xavier/ Butler.

The Johnnies enter this game at 0-1 and REELING after a New Year's Eve loss at Xavier. It is my understanding that you were at the game. How was Xavier as a Big East home court? Tough place to play?

I was at the game! The Cintas Center was very loud. Butler friend Victory Firelight says it looks like a prison, and maybe it does - it's very boxy, but a modern prison. No Cool Hand Luke Arena or anything. The fans were JUICED. Also, there were flames on the court to welcome the X into Big East play. I like my fires outdoors or attached to a chimney, but it was pretty cool, a big-game atmosphere with loud fans.

As an ogling aside, Xavier's middle aged female fans with children were quite attractive.

Where does St. John's need to finish in order for you to consider this season to be a success?

Third or fourth, and in the NCAA Tournament - with a win in the big dance. The rebuild has taken long enough.

Fox Sports 1. You into it?

Solid production. The in-studio talent is okay, could be better. Raftery and Gus, Dick Stockton, the two women who called Seton Hall/ Providence (I am sorry for not getting their names) are all very good.

I like that all of the games are available on TV. I dislike that we cannot watch them anytime except for live (or saved via DVR); I really miss watchespn and catching up on games online. I prefer watching games I'm less invested in on computer/ mobile device, and that's a place where FoxSports1 is really lacking.

Let's discuss the Steve Lavin Era for a moment. From my perspective he's been great for St. John's. But how much longer can you live with all that talent on the roster without the wins to back it up?

I'll be fine with it - I'm more interested in the story of trying to meet the generated hype - but fans are in an interesting place.

Your comment about Lavin having been great for the Johnnies has some merit. I know you just love his awesome analogies and his hipness. But fans want a "winner". What is a winner, though? Lavin might not ever lead a team to the Final Four. But the Red Storm/ Redmen also hadn't been a perennial Finals team either. Can fans accept that after having so many years severed from the glory years, which consisted of making the NCAA Tournament?

There is a lot of listed talent, but most of it is athletic talent - not offensive skill talent. The defense works, the offense is the part that makes people wince. And it's not just the talent, it's the ways the talent's used - countless long jump shots - that brings fans to question Lavin.

Somewhat related, a number of recent Johnnies recruits (Obekpa, Jordan, etc) have had issues off the court that have led to suspensions. Are you good with taking the bad that comes with the good as far as some of these recruits go?

Sure! In some ways, Lavin runs a tight ship. These aren't guys in a strip club or slapping women or starting fights in SoHo clubs or stealing or Upper Decking the school president or running from the cops with a bagful of blue meth.

The violations have been minor; and I'd say making them public draws attention to this narrative of a team in need of discipline. But I don't think they're bad people. They may have just violated some portion of Lavin's "no social media" rule or failed to make it to study hall.

(Casual Note: If running from the cops with a bagful of blue meth is wrong then I don't wanna be right)

Final score prediction?

67-62, Georgetown.