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Dikembe Mutombo. Storage Wars. TMZ.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Check out this story from our good friends at TMZ about some dude who uncovered a treasure trove of Dikembe Mutombo's belongings on an episode of "Storage Wars."  Apparently (I use that word since most of TMZ's stories are 100% fact) one of Dikembe's brothers had all of this stuff in a locker that he failed to make payments on.

You can find the gallery containing documentation all of the goods right here.  Notable items include a picture of Dikembe meeting Nelson Mandela, a collection of his size 17 sneakers, one of his used knee braces, an autographed "Get That Shot Outta Here!" poster and a Chevrolet Academic Scholarship award presented to Georgetown.

Georgetown opens its season against Oregon on November 8th.

Dikembe is the best.