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Kenner League Week 5 in Review

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With permission once again from Hoyas 247, here is a recap of some of the action at Kenner League over the weekend. As a reminder, Hoyas 247 is free until Midnight Madness. The link to site and the below is HERE:

With the closing weekend of the Kenner League upon us teams fought on Friday and Saturday for positioning to make one of the eight playoff spots for Sunday's quarterfinals. Hoya247 was there to take in the action and have provided a recap of the weekends events.

Friday Night Kenner League Update:

Aaron Bowen was near unstoppable tonight on the offensive end in a 104-102 loss to Higher Level. Bowen finished the game 11/14 from the field (2/3 from three point range) for a total of 27 points. Bowen did not only score as he also crashed the boards finishing with 6 rebounds as well as one assist.

Bowen did a great job of beating his man off the dribble and getting to the basket for finishing opportunities. He kept the ball low when dribbling through traffic so that it would be more difficult for the defense to get a hand in and force a turnover. His shot looked good tonight as well, while there were a couple of jumpers that did not fall he made more than he missed when pulling up.

David Allen knocked down a couple of three pointers and played good defense. His minutes decreased in the second half as more players for A. Wash Associates were showing up throughout the first 21 minutes of play.

Saturday Night Kenner League Update:

Unfortunately, I missed the first game this afternoon as I was pulling double duty helping out the UVA, VT and Duke sites with a commitment announcement in Manassas, Va.

The biggest news from that game was that Josh Smith didn't play and was in a walking boot. By the time I got to McDonough Smith had cleared out of the gymnasium but from what I gathered in talking with people up there was that it wasn't anything serious.

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera had another good showing today per reports and Reggie Cameron had another typical performance where he knocked down shots from the outside. I don't have point totals for those two from today but I will have full coverage tomorrow once the playoffs start.

Riyan Williams: Williams had another strong showing tonight, scoring 19 points for the Clyde's team including knocking down three from beyond the arc. He scored in many different ways and played with the type of fearlessness that you want from a player on your roster.

Bradley Hayes: Hayes had a solid game, he used his body well to establish position in the post on both sides of the basketball. The patented hook shot which we have seen a lot of throughout the Kenner League thus far was on display again tonight. Hayes also did a good job of pushing the opposing teams big man off of the block, making it difficult on the opposition to establish a presence on the inside.

Stephen Domingo: Domingo had another rough go of it today as his shot would not fall for the most part. It wasn't until late in the game where Domingo was able to find his touch from beyond the arc when he finally hit two baskets from deep with a couple minutes to go. Domingo did well on the defensive end as he was mainly finding himself matched up against a much bigger guard but made the opposition work for their baskets.

Jabril Trawick: Trawick and Team Takeover brought out their full roster tonight which led to less opportunity than usual for Jabril to get things done on the offensive end. At the end of the game, Jabril had a total of 10 points including some impressive drives to the rim.

Mikael Hopkins: Hopkins continued his solid play this summer tonight finishing with 11 points in the Team Takeover victory. He was bulling his way into the lane early on and finishing tough baskets around the rim. Later on, Hopkins was able to show his versatility as he led a few fast breaks and made nice decisions with the basketball. One impressive instance of this came when Hopkins had the ball at the top of the key and used an inside out dribble in order to beat the defender to the basket.

Markel Starks: In what was easily the most entertaining game of the evening Markel Starks led DCX to a 119-114 victory while pumping in 33 points, including 21 in the second half. Much like the weekend before, Starks was able to penetrate into the lane and get to the rim whenever he wanted to. When the defense played Starks to drive, he would take the jump shot that he was given. Georgetown will need Starks to continue to play at this level once the regular season rolls around.

Nate Lubick: Tonight was, for lack of a better term, the Nate Lubick show for the first 22 minutes. Lubick finished the game with 32 points, however it was the 24 which he scored in the first half that really helped pace his DCX team. The bulk of the damage done by Lubick was inside the paint off of post feeds and rebounds, he even showed off his ability to play above the rim with a few nice dunks for the McDonough crowd that stuck around for the final game of the evening.

Sunday Night Kenner League Update:

The playoffs kicked into gear on Sunday afternoon at McDonough and there were Hoyas featured in three of the four games. With the opening game of the day featuring A. Wash Associates the first Georgetown players to take the floor were Aaron Bowen and David Allen versus Moses Ayegba and On Point.

Aaron Bowen: Bowen was nothing short of spectacular on Friday night and while he didn't shoot 79% from the field on Sunday he still had a very strong showing. As he has throughout the summer Bowen showed off his athleticism with an array of dunks, including two that would have scored well in any dunk contest. Bowen finished with 20 points in A. Wash Associates 68-59 victory over On Point.

David Allen: Allen finished the game with four points off of one made field goal in limited minutes. When he got the opportunity to get on the floor he played well but was never the focal point of the offense.

Moses Ayegba: Ayegba was physically dominant in this game on the interior. The Hoyas big man finished the game with 16 points and was a force inside despite being doubled down on the majority of the times he got a touch in the post. With the sheer size he possesses already should Moses be able to become a little more refined with his post moves he has the potential to be a big time contributor.

Jabril Trawick: In what was a very sloppily played, but close and competitive game Trawick only made one field goal and finished with a total of five points. Jabril played well on the defensive end however and helped slow down a Premier Athletics attack that jumped out to an early lead. In the end, Team Takeover fell 62-60 making this Trawick's last game of the summer in the Kenner League.

Mikael Hopkins: Despite the overall struggles of Team Takeover for much of the game on Sunday Hopkins played well. He finished the game with 13 points and had some nice finishes around the rim. The "highlight" of the game for Hopkins came in transition when teammate Jabril Trawick threw a lob pass and Hopkins tipped the ball in over a defender. Like Trawick, his run at the 2013 Kenner League has come to an end.

The final game of the evening featured The Tombs vs Symonds All-Stars. D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, Reggie Cameron went up against their Georgetown teammate John Caprio as Hoyas transfer Josh Smith was not in action again today. Despite tremendous individual performances out of DSR and Cameron their Kenner League run came to an end as The Tombs fell 75-65.

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera: With Josh Smith unavailable again today the need for Smith-Rivera to shoulder more of the load offensively was present and the rising sophomore responded scoring 31 points. Smith-Rivera scored from the inside and the outside knocking down a couple of three pointers and getting to the rim at will. Smith-Rivera did a great job of drawing contact when attacking the basket and getting to the foul line as a result where he scored 11 of his 31 points.

Reggie Cameron: Cameron played well again today showing he is a true threat from the outside as we move closer to Midnight Madness and the start of the college basketball season. The incoming freshman finished his first Kenner League campaign hitting four three pointers on his way to an 18 point performance.

John Caprio: Caprio didn't get the chance for a lot of extended run in this evenings game but he did score five points which included him hitting a three pointer. When on the floor Caprio did a good job of getting to the glass to keep balls alive for offensive rebound opportunities for his team.

With the regular season in the book and the semifinals on the horizon for next weekend I will have a Summer School Report Card for each Hoya coming this week.