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No More Jack the Bulldog at Georgetown?

According to The Hoya, Georgetown's live bulldog mascot Jack Jr. has left the school and won't be returning anytime soon.

Mascot-in-training Jack Jr. will not return to campus this fall, and the question of whether Georgetown will continue to have a live bulldog as its mascot remains unanswered, according to student dog-walkers from the Jack Crew.

It is unclear where Jack Jr., or "J.J.," will go or why he is leaving campus. No students were consulted, and the person responsible for the decision has not been confirmed.

This news comes as a shock as Jack Jr. had been training since last season to take over for Jack, whose last game as Georgetown's mascot was Georgetown's epic 61-39 crushing of Syracuse's soul at the Verizon Center in March. Jack Jr. was introduced to the Georgetown community when he was just two months old:

And made his triumphant debut for Georgetown in January.


More on this as it develops, but if anyone has any info please feel free to share.