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Casual Headbands Summer Series: BACHELOR PARTY

Welcome back to the Internet's Greatest Feature, the Casual Headbands Summer Series.

It's been a couple of months since we triumphantly announced this year's Summer Series and I am pleased that our coffers are filling nicely with your headbands documentation from intriguing destinations around the world, all of which will be featured in this space as the summer rolls on.

Today, however, we are staying indoors (way indoors) with a special tribute edition to our very own Hire Esherick, who kicks off his bachelor party weekend tonight in the tame city of New Orleans, Louisiana. And as is tradition here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON, we are commemorating and celebrating the life-changing events of those in charge of entertaining you and keeping you sane through the insane existence that is being a Georgetown Hoyas fan.

Without further ado, this bachelor party themed headbands submission was sent in anonymously, and frankly, it's probably for the best as I am absolutely sickened, appalled and yet amazed by it. Check it out by clicking HERE.

WARNING: the treasure you will find in that link is what I would characterize as NSFW. In case you're new to the internet, that stands for NOT SAFE FOR WORK. You see all that bold and italics? I don't want you to email me that you got fired today because your boss caught you reading the damn blog this morning.

Actually, that would be pretty casual.

Cheers, Hire Esherick.