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Open Thread: 2013 NBA Draft

Where will Otto go?


All of the Mock Drafts have been mocked, and now all that is left is for the teams to finally pick the players. For Hoyas fans, the proceedings of tonight's 2013 NBA Draft center around Otto Porter, Georgetown's Mr. Everything who will fulfill his NBA dream tonight. Porter is widely expected to be among the top 5 selections in tonight's Draft, with some outlets reporting he is in play for the #1 overall pick.

Regardless of where he ends up, Porter will join the long list of Hoyas who have been drafted in the NBA, a group so impressive that Georgetown was named the as the number two program in all the land in producing the best pros in the modern Draft era in ESPN's "Path to the Draft" series.

Follow all of the NBA Draft action as it unfolds right here on THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON.

(and get those Kate Upton GIFs ready)